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小規模垢作りました! こんな時期に 笑 いいね押してくれたらDMお迎え行くかもです!!
RT @Julianxxx90: Miss my nigga johnny
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RT @compIeted: napping together is my kind of date
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"This Shits So Wack " But you started singing along , okay saul 🤔🤔
@jasmine_m28 my head is spinning lol i think my purse is at ur house
do you miss jasmine — of course . https://t.co/g3fvPuvGAW
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Who wants to talk on the phone I promise It's worth it 😂
@arishan_jasmine いくらしたん⁈⁈ てか、本当に買ったん⁈(笑)
I'm Jasmine. Discover which #Disney princess you are! 👑 START QUIZ: https://t.co/4pJOGXmKcJ https://t.co/qzZqMFuKqM
@WESTSHIGEsmile フォロバありがとうございます! 仲良くしましょ〜!
I'm Jasmine. Discover which #Disney princess you are! 👑 START QUIZ: https://t.co/55dhWXnEIO https://t.co/lml6Tz55Kj
You might need to put some personal space between you and anot... More for Aquarius https://t.co/ZNVh8ihfTO
RT @Rugby_GOGO: 厳選!! 海外のトライ・パフォーマンス!! 最初の人のインパクトやばすぎww https://t.co/euVJbM5TdL
RT @poooo_chu: 道歉有用的話,珍奶和雞排店開那麼多間幹嘛?
全部気に入らんのやったら最初から提示してくれたらいいのに😤 もぉ〜〜〜😤👊💨 牛になりそうだ〜🐮🌱
@Jasmine_Lynette I Literally said why am I not following jas to Akua. I swear I thought I was.