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@Sunmerch3 漢字ちがくね?w
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@enjoy__darts いつか奴らの長さが俺の為に役立つ時が来ると信じてますw 俺もJASMINEサンに負けない様にパワーアップしときますねw
a friend is a smile when you're sad
【定期:Regular Tweets】 くうき #MTVHottest Ariana Grande
@Sunmerch3 いいね!😎 AKBよりモー娘のほうが憶えてた事実www
🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Jasmine Cook 19:grwm https://t.co/7JFeyO5wwq https://t.co/HSXue81RSJ
Here's a gif of Jasmine Guy that has many uses. https://t.co/UyeQuFn1YO
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“People take advantage of the pure heart you have, because of they’re too busy being blinded by their own issues.” - Jasmine Gillespie💜
idk how I got to so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Thai princess Jasmine I'll love… https://t.co/6bDwcGbI8r
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