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RT @NBAAllStar: As @justinbieber returns to the #RufflesCelebGame... we throw it back to his MVP performance in 2011! https://t.co/x9OSRwBm3z
VSF - Boda - Janette & Oscar Photo Funny: https://t.co/va3r4X48NR a través de @YouTube
RT @LaAlamedaDF: #TeBuscamos Nancy Janette Zamora Pérez, 36 años, 11/5/17 #Tlalpan#CDMX #911 https://t.co/YPN2rOV59f
RT @kaliforinaklass: watching justin play basketball like https://t.co/nmlwxE7Yt5
Liz Gillies ou Janette MCcurdy? — liz esmurra a vaca https://t.co/d93wlostA7
RT @mflynnJR: I know this goes without saying but if my kid was killed and the @FBI could’ve prevented, I’d sue the sh#######t ou… https://t.co/EgjmIFJRV7
RT @CraigRSawyer: Due to extensive suppression, I’m posting this again til 1/4 of my own followers get to see it. Thanks 4 your... https://t.co/ulg0VU9bSx
RT @sweetberrytae_: 💞 Especial San Valentín 💞 Llevas saliendo a escondidas 3 años con este ángel pero de pronto recibes un mensaje des… https://t.co/M8FrUf9E9s
@VOAChinese 美国男人穿的真不好看
RT @BarackObama: We are grieving with Parkland. But we are not powerless. Caring for our kids is our first job. And until we can hon… https://t.co/LWGSkzRapH
RT @thispIacehoteI: When I wanna see my faves in concert but their concert tickets are $500 a piece https://t.co/3PEPzbXmJb
RT @longlive_nixon: can't even argue with a thing he said.. https://t.co/qGeoooF6W8
RT @girlposts: it’s frustrating when you want to talk about something and at the same time you don’t wanna talk about it. you don’… https://t.co/tBLB3YYErC
Columnist, university professor over Bautista's out of country: "Why is Andy not as demonized as Leila and Janette?" https://t.co/JuWO8djGOp
i wish Janette lived in Texas so we could hang out all the time 💔
RT @krassenstein: RETWEET if you miss when the President actually gave a crap about children getting mowed down by guns... https://t.co/WhhFqyWuVS
Baganda should claim W'kabi too (W'kabi)
The accents in Black Panther though... Only Kraw & W'kabi aced theirs...
My mind too tired thinking about what my x n I coulda been like I needa quit thinking and realize how fucked up everything has been
RT @villalobossebas: Por favor Mexico, díganme que todos están bien
@JKJOERG123 @WeiyuanOttawa 你这么说真是无耻,如果你的小孩躲在角落里给你发短信,你还认为强制无辜吗?去看看那个幸存的女学生是怎么回答FOX主持人和你同样无耻的发言的吧,找个角落忏悔去吧。