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Is that Janelle's mom off of teen mom 2 https://t.co/BNIBQvdvwL
Caribbean Women Take Their Power Back by Sharing Stories of Sexual Abuse #LifeinLeggings Hashtag https://t.co/dhw5pjYtpv via @JanineMFranco
Janelle and I go to every single underwear sale at VS...
JANELLE MONAE - DANCE APOCALYPTIC #nowplaying #listenlive
RT @ReercNirea: I'm sitting on the edge of a building. I'm #whitepeopling https://t.co/qm9Y4geQy4
RT @brown_lakira: So ready to see my bestfriend
@snakenicobra hold up don't dare put Jason in the same category as Danielle, Janelle, Van or Dan. He would've been gon if America didn help
RT @IllyJawn: I almost threw shade 💀 God grabbed my hand & said not today.
RT @BadMoodKermit: Me: I'm gonna pull o— Me to me: DO NOT https://t.co/f9lffg2nZV
Forever bored lol
RT @Olajuwonnn: do you ever just miss the girlfriend you don't have ?
RT @tajiaaaaliseee: Bro I don't care if I have to FW MYSELF forever .... I DO NOT FW THAT SOMETIMEY SHIT !!!!
RT @MarriageGoaIs: a Bride and her Bridesmaids dancing to Beyoncé's song 'Upgrade U'....may i just say they SLAYED!!! https://t.co/HpOiYnAT4g
Packed house tonight 😴
RT @Triciiiaa: We don't talk anymore but she's chill https://t.co/nuJCeITEcQ
Busy morning = busy day
Why tf is all these pictures in my phone if you janelle Renee @i_nelles 😒🤔
[dying on the battlefield, uttering last words] Janelle Monae
RT @GoldDerby: .@HiddenFigures Check out our new video chat with #HiddenFigures producer & composer #PharrellWilliams.… https://t.co/nM5X8cKlZG