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@jonny_crane75 Croydon is a vile shithole
@jonny_crane75 was just funny. We walked right past each other eager to get the fuck home
@jonny_crane75 think I just ran in to you at Clapham Junction. You coulda said hello. Hadaway and shite, ya bastard!
@DPD_UK Thanks Luke. I just got a call from someone in your team who has saved the day though, and I should get the parcel today. HappyFace
@DPD_UK [Alison] just spent an hour talking to a DPD colleague. Don't think you can help. Damage done. Window closed. I can't wait in again.
unsurprising silence from @DPD_UK regarding the travesty of my delivery issues. Manager will call me back in 1-2 hours?! Seriously?
RT @brownorama: Post-truth = lying Fake news = propaganda Alt-right = white supremacy Prevent double-speak. Use the correct words.
It's almost as though @DPD_UK don't actually realise they deliver parcels as a business. 3 lies back to back. Tomorrow? No. Today. I need it
The people at @DPD_UK sent me another text today saying my delivery would be at 1030. At 1330 they say its gone back to the depot again!
so still on hold with @DPD_UK who have totally messed by about for 3 days on the trot now. Promised delivery, claimed I was out etc
@brianftang bloody hell. Observe much?
@staperssverige @AdamBuxton so excited! I want a song war and I want to text the nation. (I want to)