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Happy to help load up @marketmobileott this morning. Great displays ! Perfect produce weather! https://t.co/tF5JLDZlW1
encontré una foto re piola full HD 4k mía del cumple de mi abuela el año pasado y salí bien,khe.
RT @OleMissBand: Gameday! Hotty Toddy and Go Rebels! https://t.co/JtFAsxXIix
For the record, Oct. 22, 2016: Marriage licenses Nicholas G. Stark, Pine Grove, and Sheila M. Moyer, Pine Grove.… https://t.co/QskdQU6HZO
RT @CBCAdrianH: Jason Moyer-Lee: Why the gig economy is a threat to us all https://t.co/FaH1vFbNw0
RT @zenx007: Happy Birthday to COMELY Christine Moyer 😎 Thanks to @hdphysiques for the photo 😊 #christinemoyer #fitbeauty #fbb https://t.co/7FX3tQx35D
@Aliza_Moyer god bless your poor soul
@chloefayehughes he's so cute but he hates me...🙄😂
@LenTesta @RoyalCaribbean @hintofspy Good chance you could at least get a nice shoulder massage. 😉
RT @alandemierda: cuando vienen visitas y no querés salir de tu pieza pero escuchas que están hablando de vos https://t.co/ORG9dYCQVJ
RT @injectabIe: When the only person you text isn't responding https://t.co/JvDdp6JmaV
RT @UMchancellor: Archie Manning, host Danny Conwill & I presented Sen @DavidVitter the @OleMissRebels shirt he has to wear after… https://t.co/Nom6bUwTtn
La puta madre que humor negrisimo
RT @CoachHughFreeze: Loved seeing "Hacksaw Ridge" with our team. What a great story of conviction and sacrifice https://t.co/0RWXrNN5Yf
RT @OleMissFB: The team just watched @hacksawridge. Amazing Film! "Stay true to what you believe." #AMustSee #RiseUpRebels https://t.co/8CDepAhFRN
RT @elcosodelapizza: Puta: Mujer con el corazón hechos pedazos que piensa que con el semen lo puede volver a pegar.
RT @OttosGrove: I know this is only a pickup game, but Matt Moyer looks even farther along than I anticipated. If he's our 10th man...wow.