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Poor Karsen woke up and threw up everywhere.. this is her first time throwing up sick and I feel awful for her😢
An ugly cat and two Fort McMurray guys raise money for Syria https://t.co/pZshPvN41G https://t.co/Px4YD0DFIM
[定期]Jamie McMurray担です。彼と仲のいいMatt Kensethも好きです。 #nascarjp
Wayne Gretzky collector fled Fort McMurray with bags full of memorabilia https://t.co/bSqgkekNox via @YahooCanada
I love the effort @AirCanada puts into making Ft McMurray sound french in their announcements. It’s a pretty unapologetically English name.
First Saturday I'm working in a while... should be steady and go by quick!
@mcmurray_z this why I hate u lmaooooo 💀💀💀💀
RT @Gurmeetramrahim: #MSGmission Volunteers helping victims of Fort McMurray fire incident; rendering services for humanity! Blessings https://t.co/l1618QjRgd
Come on you IMPS!! 🔴⚪️
@lexysj_ don't think anyone mentioned me lmao
RT @MatthewACherry: #BurningSands Q&A with cast & crew Gerard McMurray @trevorjackson5 @reghud @ProducedBySteph #SteveHarris at @PAFFNOW https://t.co/3P3qaBnYqB
RT @MatthewACherry: #BurningSands was a dope film man. Super authentic depiction of the black Greek pledging process. Gerard McMurray really did his thing.
@mcmurray_z a blessing that's what
Lube Technician (Fort McMurray, AB): Legacy Automotive Group: "Legacy Auto Group Legacy Dodge… https://t.co/dIdCI9nc1a #fortmcmurray #jobs
RT @FHSRChicago: ‘It’s a life-changing moment’: Fort McMurray evacuee receives gift of hearing aids https://t.co/Isp0x2PSco
Your eclecticism is apparent in the way you dress as you choos... More for Aquarius https://t.co/Xp2FSWypbP
@paddypower Lincoln 2-1 🔴⚪️