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Great clip of Nova Scotian Coach and Mentor to many, Natasha Burgess Johnson. @SportNovaScotia https://t.co/Trqy9Ild10 via @YouTube
@Toimatom @Unknown_Johnson Pregnancy should be on women's terms and never for male convenience. Women don't get pregnant when men zip it
@JackJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG JOHNSON!!! U are already 21 wow! Hope u have an amazing day, u deserve it. Love & miss ya so much 🎉💘
Boris Johnson and David Cameron go 'dad dancing' hours after Londoners hold vigil for #londonattackhttps://t.co/7uTXDZkar9
I'm A Game Changer in the 4.05 NB. 12lb rise but looks a decent sort and should go well again. Hobbs/Johnson 👊
Everton warned off Forest's Johnson (Toffee Web) https://t.co/fFGcNbl8wW
Every sickness, stronghold, manner of dis-ease and poverty stops with me! It shall not travel to my children or... https://t.co/72VAzysX3F
@kylerrobbins had same problems with player retention this trade that Crean had with OG and Collin. Overcame it instead of drowning
RT @Tha5SOSFamily: 5SOS shows 08/17 Manila 08/19&20 Osaka 08/24 Stockholm 08/25Copenhagen 08/27Moscow 09/10Buenoa Aires 09/15Rio de Janeiro (09/30 Mexico City)
RT @TCappadocia: Sneak preview of Dustin Johnson's post round meeting with the @USGA @NoLayingUp https://t.co/q2VU6UPzqV
@cspanwj When I was a kid.. Went to "Old" Doc Johnson! Gave me a Penicillin Shot! Cost $10!!! (Never forget, because I HATED shots!!!)
RT @SheWhoVotes: Russian disinformation bots/trolls played Bernie, Stein & Johnson supporters. So did Russian affiliates TYT, Intercept & Wikileaks. #Maddow
RT @FlyGirlsSeries: Amy Johnson talks of her England to Australia flight, May 1930. Listen: https://t.co/DIXHmA0ZWs #TBT… https://t.co/8USsomRguh
RT @ricsl1600: "There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity" - Samuel Johnson #DTBYPananakot
RT @_amyjojohnson: A little thank you letter to Haim Saban from me ;-) @ThePowerRangers #PowerRangersMovie #ItsMorphinTime #pinkranger https://t.co/p8I0bpoP6w
RT @PlatinumStarsFC: "We did get Tsotso Ngele from Rollers. It’s always good to see if we can get another player of that caliber."- Johnson
RT @thebig3: BREAKING: @alleniverson has announced that he will play, coach and captain 3's Company team in the #BIG3 with Derma… https://t.co/XZz1H4ayTF
RT @CalMarcius: Out of the Gutter Online: Family Meeting by Beau Johnson https://t.co/5w1fKgggz8
RT @Magprojeto: Qual seria a primeira coisa que diria ao Jack Johnson se o visse pela primeira vez? (Não esqueçam de usar a tag) #21ThingsILoveAboutJackJ
RT @cocaineexpress_: I'm in this phase in life where I really don't care to socialize unless it benefits me. I'm just tryna mind my business and make mo' money.