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RT @jumperbrasil: Nelson Rubens pede licença p/ trazer uma fofoca cabeluda: Tristan Thompson quer um teste de paternidade p/ saber se… https://t.co/bwV7NFFdvG
RT @TBEScuffable: This thread will explain why I think LeBron James SHOULD win MVP over James Harden, The MVP award is about more tha… https://t.co/xekMucEpdm
RT @TraeVandeberg13: Lebron James is MVP. Harden goes 2-18 and the rockets still win by 20. Lebron has to go off for 46 to win by 3. He… https://t.co/HfgURJv1ej
RT @BSO: Details on Tristan Thompson-Kardashian Who Cheated on Khloe With a 20+ Thotourage™ Wanting Her to Take a Paternity… https://t.co/4RYVRQJMJz
Tristan Thompson Wants Khloe Kardashian To Take Paternity Test Cause He Thinks James Harden Is The Baby's Father… https://t.co/4NykGMv8T2
RT @LosPollosTV: “MVP” James Harden shot 2-18 last night while his team won by 20 points... If that was LeBron the Cavs would’ve los… https://t.co/SKVsep21MK
What will your agent do for you? Darkness (featuring Chris Paul, James Harden, and Oscar Nuñez) | State Farm ® Comm… https://t.co/jIWeZUaREo
@DREJOE @WellsFargo Yeah but they’re getting caught. James harden travels on his step back....but he don’t get called for it!
NBA ART | JAMES HARDEN Follow me : Behance | https://t.co/7pkzfrXFX2 Facebook | https://t.co/1E8D5Gy9Km Instagram… https://t.co/qgm6CcBDby
RT @Sp0rtsTalkJo3: Career Michael Jordan: 5,590 more field goals than free throws LeBron James: 5,132 more field goals than free thro… https://t.co/H5n6eSgUTy
RT @FTPflame: Travis Scott with James Harden and friends playing basketball! https://t.co/IrLzVlMLP2
Different mentalities for James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns as Game 3 nears https://t.co/Iit1l1pnlt via @HoustonChron
@TrashTalk_fr Pour exemple, je trouve que James Harden à un jeu beaucoup plus épuré et efficace grâce à Chris Paul
RT @_DashawnJ_: If Rappers were NBA Players 🕯 Jay Z= Michael Jordan Kanye/Wayne= Kobe Bryant Drake= Lebron James Kendrick= Kevi… https://t.co/shZcGLEe7X
RT @ESPNNBA: James Harden showed out on defense 💪 https://t.co/bOByDQTUkb