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RT @thatsobri_: I love everything from James Avery and want it all :( https://t.co/DTW5gBPSq0
can't believe i lost both my james avery rings within a week 😪😪
James Avery secretly crashes the set of Family Matters making for a wonderful moment https://t.co/NtkM7xLQSX https://t.co/VTxHBZOlOh
I want a Kendra Scott necklace or a James Avery one 😭😩
RT @alecolyte: 69 faves and I'll literally choke on my own dick
RT @_hunterr: the fastest way to my heart is by calling me a fucking asshole
I want me another James Avery ring
RT @TheGoToSite: Happy 241st Bday US Navy.Famous Sailors:James Avery, Regis Philbin, Johnny Carson, MC Hammer, JFK,Humphrey Bogart,… https://t.co/NnjEKK4HEW
If you want to give a gift, he & his new bride are registered at James Avery (or just throw a few wrinkled dollar b… https://t.co/xCofFqjByx
RT @NevSchulman: Happiest man on earth. So in awe of my beautiful partner @LauraPrlongo and our tiny angel baby Cleo James. https://t.co/Cbh055gYA4
I got the job at James Avery 🙏🏼🙌🏽
My brother got the job at James Avery... hopefully I can get the hookup 😏
RT @ComiConverse: Donald Glover will be playing Lando in the Han Solo movie!!! (Via @starwars) https://t.co/E8WKdRaBxD
RT @c_shane_: remember on the first day when Clayton spent the whole class shaking everyone's hand & getting to know them bc same
RT @TaqeeBond: Blu: Daddy, this girl at school asked me if I know North West, who is North West? Jay: North West is a direction b… https://t.co/pY6sSzsZsK