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@KenClyburn well, there is a conspiracy. NFL loves big statues with big arms. Why Jamarcus made 80 million and why Gabbert was drafted high.
@SamAlzahawi Kom, kom, het was nou ook weer niet van het kaliber "Ryan Leaf" of "Jamarcus Russell"...
RT @AFKdubstep: The Bernie Sanders Inauguration would've had mf Migos performing Bad n Boujee but you guys wanted President Cheeto and 3 doors down
@BleacherReport predictable. That's why he should've taken his first stint seriously. Call JaMarcus Russell about that. #1stimpressions
@BigMeeze basically. I got four jerseys. Lamont Jordan, Jamarcus Russell, Bo Jackson, and Ken Stabler lol
RT @tbhjuststop: When you're driving and someone cuts you off https://t.co/WhebBR7dBU
@notjamarcus @15sroush jamarcus it's way past your bed time
RT @Talkin: "Don't worry my dog can't get out of the gate" 😂 https://t.co/T6c8ftSuu3
Happy Birthday to my Favorite person ❤️ I love you babygirl 😍❤️ I want to see you smile all day today 😩❤️ @kbudzban https://t.co/fabtWr7hxm
RT @BardockObama: When you check the group chat and everyone was roasting you while you were gone https://t.co/fhZYmznWqz
hey guys i have a youtube channel can you guys check it out at jamarcus shorten and plc subscribe and COMMENT that you subscribe!!!!!
@gobostonsport @espn it's up there with JaMarcus Russell
RT @AOjr22: Us Florida boys get RESPECT wherever we go
RT @prephoopsfl: Tampa Bay Tech G Tyrick Brascom had 30 points and 9 assists in a 86-74 win over East Bay @DoubleimpactT
@DraftOrtiz Calvin Johnson.. oh wait Jamarcus instead
RT @StephenAtHome: Pope Francis offered some words to Donald Trump today. The sentiment was appreciated and all, but exorcisms have to be performed in person.
@Browns_2K16 u want to see s1 like johnny go look up Jamarcus Russell no he didnt party but he is exactly like johnny all im saying is
RT @KyleSandy355: OT/F @VRHSWILDCATS 72 Woodland 68 Latrell Swanigan 20pts Nigel Taylor 13pts Rodney Thomas 12pts Jamarcus Middlebrooks 10pts
Really just had a mood swing and took it out on Jamarcus 😭 I know he think I'm so crazy
@Browns_2K16 lol sounds like jamarcus Russell he would be an CFL star 3rd string NFL qb at best