senin sampe jumat gk pernah tidur siang. sekalinya tidur siang, meleknya sampe jam segini 😶
jam segini terbangun pusing pala bawah #XJAPAN #kikhorny #hahaha
RT @khariwerkhausen: Bolo de chocolate, brigadeiro e pearl jam com a morena
Mad vibe by PTN Tiger don_stoozi on @EmiNiDavolee WAY mad jam.... CC tripsboyofficial @Mayor_ollyhttps://t.co/NxtHsmsYSJ
@MadManFreddie ... Small nod, slowly standing up to go play with Jam.
pengen benerin jam tidur, ini udah keterlaluan, payah
Bald gehts los... LIVE KitKatClub - CarneBALLbizarre | RED-Zone KitKatClub, Brückenstr.1, 10179 Berlin, ab 23:00 Uh… https://t.co/ky9rRIJ2Rn
RT @RiseFallNick: As well as this amazing Jam, Will. I. Am also provided the vocals for the Samurai Jack Opening and Ending Themes… https://t.co/98IxObFqjf
10-20-18 5:00 PM EST Fake News sound off Trackstarz and Even Me Anita Jarrell Robertson Tune in at… https://t.co/sDp3NIDACE
@CGK_AP2 kenapa jam operasi Skytrain baru jalan diatas jam 4 pagi? Bagaimana dgn penumpang yg harus transfer ke ter… https://t.co/SBG3XvfYi4
There is a genre of music called "Slam Jam" where the theme song to "Space Jam" is remixed with other songs.
Bener yang dibilang teh riris, bangun jam segini bawaanya laperrrr
Gejala stroke cenderung terjadi secara tiba-tiba Dan hanya selalu menyerang satu sisi bagian tubuh. Hal ini semak… https://t.co/48eg8ixkud
RT @mikeBithell: And with that, Battle Royale just became a viable game jam genre open to teams without big $ or existing architectu… https://t.co/VQlsmj44bo
a jam. a bop. an absolute banger, even https://t.co/PdA8hgLvBx
RT @ChukaNkem: I laugh, b/c those who will be the first to tune to RBL on 21st Oct are the same people who promised Nigerians "we… https://t.co/t5fIIGB0oz
RT @bwildlv: Hey friends, I'm in a bit of a jam financially right now, if you would like to donate, the link is below. Thank You… https://t.co/8gfewBF8qN
RT @tasyateles: @Sachin_Sahel Well said Mister!! SO happy, excited, and proud to be a part of this massive fam jam! You guys are t… https://t.co/b4mY6s3TiK
RT @penikmatmilo: GIVEAWAY TEAM KALONG BTS BEGINS HOODIE SIZE L Retweet sampe jam 05.00 https://t.co/9uoQPCNFfZ
Dig Dug is my fucking jam. By level 18, your bonus fruit is a Galaxian ship, BTW. #PersonalBest @ Up-Down Minneapo… https://t.co/l1CmYyzyFn
hari ini tes bahasa korea, kebaktian, lat. dance, nonton lomba dance, dsb. trus gue tdr jam brp dh anjir (":