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// of a brain, they'll pull off some stupid insane plays with her offensive scaling shields and negligible cooldowns.
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RT @Jbrous14: CBC ol'heads think it shields them from critique. Oh, no, no, no. *Quavo voice*
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RT @brianthebirder: NSF quay1w Iceland gullasleep on roof viewable from South Shields @DurhamBirdClub
NSF quay1w Iceland gullasleep on roof viewable from South Shields @DurhamBirdClub
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RT @David_Ephgrave: Looking forward to hitting @LeicsComedyFest smack-bang in the face on 25th Feb. Come on down (gum shields optional)… https://t.co/rEfGdTH2Hm
RT @DrLivGibbs: To the Rear of Woodbine Street, South Shields by Alfred Ainslie O'Brien 1976 (@S_ShieldsMuseum). https://t.co/yWnXzL6ljk
can't believe it's 2017 n I've got a lecturer still usin this 90s ass projector https://t.co/SETBgPyq5W
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Shields Gazette: Miles Starforth’s match analysis: Newcastle United 3 Birmingham City 1... https://t.co/3gusbBoxxg
RT @IanMearnsMP: Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks to close One third of branches over 400 jobs to be lost including Gateshead and South Shields branches.
RT @CristianFerrar3: @MonteCristo "huni pick a tank" "riven?" "I said a tank" "she has shields tho" *unbuckles belt* *locks maokai*
@BonnieTour @BBCLN Kane will be arriving in South Shields at 12.30pm to be met by friends, family and Mayor of South Tyneside.
Weaopns systems and shields on standb
RT @joejonastrades: ❄ 🍃 ❄ 🍃 RT for a chance to win a saved account with willow shields follow Picking the winner randomly {MBF me}… https://t.co/az18MZEoDd
RT @Griff_Y3: Thank you for all your help with the Roman homework.We've had brilliant models,shields, and presentations. https://t.co/Lebns8p8UR