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RT @kirstyhampton: me and yvie recreated iconic scottish vids wi tiny hands, enjoy https://t.co/A68ZqF41gq
Brooke Shields الإنسانه الوحيده والجميلة بكل مراحل عمرها💗 https://t.co/T4JP5SdBEM
RT @CouRageJD: Anyone else feel like there are no shields today after the new patch? Found thousands of gliders but no shields.
@jamescaig @Will_Humphrey Yeah that's my fave line up. Shields added to any lineup is fabulous IMO.
@Will_Humphrey @BetaRish Some of my best Scream gig memories are from that time. They were angry, energised. Less '… https://t.co/kF1R23HAG5
Well the coast has done it again... 👏👏👏 "The salt-whipped seaside town of Tynemouth, North Shields, is my hotspot f… https://t.co/2cT1lzPoQB
Great event hosted by Lloyds International with their economist Markus Stadlmann - very insightful - thanks to Debr… https://t.co/EAyzFr3dPu
RT @CouRageJD: Anyone else feel like there are no shields today after the new patch? Found thousands of gliders but no shields.
How much value does a logo have? At Buick, the brand’s iconic shield emblem is integral to the company’s culture an… https://t.co/IqGvcdkvt9
RT @laveygac: Aisteoiri Na Scríne present the hilarious stage comedy 'Extra Time' written by Mark Shields on Friday 8 February at… https://t.co/IXK6T8Zd5y
@CouRageJD Tfw gliders look like big shields from far away 💔
@niquesng Bwahahaha I’m open for any gigs ngayon for free kasi luv ko lang talaga mag shoot hehe
RT @2020Comms: @MDmediation1 @AndrewPLeSueur @PHSOmbudsman PHSO Senior Advisor told @maladmin 'overlap is minimal' on 8/12/18. Iv… https://t.co/drF0KX9p0j
I’m here struggling with my “Hello World” code being a mechanical engineer at 22 and there are our jawans protectin… https://t.co/4Ipcu3hGK5
@amlivemon @ncousyn the only end I see now is Macron to resign & none extremists parties to run a coalition Gov wit… https://t.co/O0kIEFl7pC
RT @lukemckinney: @quendergeer @dandouglas Yep. Klingons use Klingon shields, Romulans use Romulan shields, but only the Federation u… https://t.co/g4QKubcc5M
Another great morning in Y1/2MR following instructions to design our own Viking shields https://t.co/HFnPuqlzAy
Our first match begins in the framework of CIS Minor! Map: Dust 2 Stream: https://t.co/2clHAY961N Connect to view a… https://t.co/5nHipYA8eg
Cable shielding is often the subject of unnecessary debate. This article shows how to deal with the ‘ground loop’ c… https://t.co/42wIDJvnjG
O'er shields, and helms, and helmed heads he rode
@hirukoa80 Yo solo pienso en el viernes, y desde lunes sé que aunque venga alguien no va a aportar contra Milán. Es… https://t.co/JJ5kpqKvGy
RT @Black_Pilled: For some reason pedophilia was all the rage in the 70's and nobody seemed to care. Brooke Shields was featured nude… https://t.co/sFfz0Gjl02