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Northeast Supervisor responding to '6X - Major Dist (Violence)' at 2800 blk Peavy Rd | Beat 224 | https://t.co/BwQ43TR9Hg | 03:08
Idk what we were doing in this pic, but I just want the crew back together..😭 @peavy_madison @DhavalPatel1397 https://t.co/v7MWQr7hEK
Wow good job peavy u actually doin good.
#oregon is beeeeeutiful. @ Peavy Arboretum https://t.co/7v3l0YllxQ
Belt homers to back Peavy; Giants edge Dodgers 2-1 https://t.co/4mECejqYya
@hankschulman I love Cain but it just seems so unnecessary to have him, Peavy & Blach in the bullpen. Its too much.
Guess our latest convo you couldn't handle🤔
Why you block me ?
RT @RiKu_zzz2: 今日からpeavyさんにお世話になります😁💚 昔使ってたヘッドも実はpeavy🚨 久しぶりの音で弾けて最高↑↑ 好きな音💚 #PeaveyJapan #peavey https://t.co/dZQRBr8vAQ
some of the tweets are not english. Mrs. Peavy (sounds so fucking weird to say @sierramaye11) taught be better.
RT @michaelaashton7: I swear the obsession I get once I find new music I fall in love with is unhealthy
If anyone deserves it its Peavy #VotePeavy
RT @mormonchannel: "Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face. Love life.” —Gordon B. Hinckley
RT @spanishcvndy: You don't like me but I know you tune in tho
RT @sydmichellem: when are people gonna start realizing that communication is sooo important...
RT @Dory: So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your boulder https://t.co/ml1d1nQV9Y