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@SanFranSuperFan No because Moore is a legit 3 and Giants prolly miss playoffs with Cain and Suarez/Peavy making crucial starts in Sept.
@kanafitz @chrisbrockman Tito, Theo, Lester/Lackey/Peavy but hey we kept Bucholz 🙄
RT @kaitlynwaldrepp: i need like a three hour long hug right now
@AlexDPadilla Luis. Es refuerzo, según me dijo. Difícil que no lo notes. Es una mezcla de Nathan Peavy y Lebron James.
I love spending time with my family 💕 https://t.co/F84riG9fbu
RT @brittmerl: hahahaha do u ever just die bc your boyfriend is so hot bc same
RT @ItsPrincessAnna: me: I hate my sister so much someone: *talks bad about my sister* me: https://t.co/GNLAqYCgRw
@shara_finch24 I'm sorry I just love u so much! Ugh I can't stand to be away
RT @shara_finch24: @peavy_brooke already?? U saw me 7 hours ago ..??? #clingy