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RT @jorgeh79tech: 🔥Jailbreak #iOS https://t.co/GdvvCWRz5K #rootlessjb12 Encuentra más tweak's en deb para instalar con… https://t.co/MjRp6RrwcF
A jailbreak has occurred at the Dabachang prison, and 13 prisoners are currently unaccounted for. -Associated Press
RT @GeneLingerfelt: We still have Obamacare, we’re still funding Planned Parenthood, all we’re getting is 55 miles of wall, but Republi… https://t.co/nL9gqflIKA
RT @Pwn20wnd: You still have a chance to get a jailbreak with Cydia and Substrate even if you are on iOS 12.1.3 or up by downgrad… https://t.co/qWVyxH0iwa
r/jailbreak to English translator https://t.co/0OKCg8yNlb
RT @asimo3089: ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the awesome lighting @zeuxcg and @Roblox! I've been messing around with it a ton for our next… https://t.co/ciYGPsKoMi
@TyLondonyt @TayIeur @badimo @badccvoid @asimo3089 I also have times where it works fine but again I’m not buying a new pc to play jailbreak
Jailbreak NEW BANK ROBBERY UPDATE! TESTING SOON? | Jailbreak New Update ... https://t.co/GhmhH081bY via @YouTube
@qwertyoruiopz @qwertyoruiopz any idea why the wild jailbreak is so husshed dowm?..0.o feels wierd tbh
#H50 Do I hear jailbreak????
@IsaacRBLX Yey!!! My dream!!! 😊 Bubble gum sim it's most popular than Jailbreak 😉😎😎😎😎 Go!!! BGS https://t.co/IfbHXIM3l5
@badimo Dear Badimo I am a player John6303 and I am playing Roblox from India. When I tap jailbreak on phone it do… https://t.co/XINqexhuaQ
This is what happened when @Nathan28405621 and I were playing Roblox Jailbreak. You know you're a real man when you… https://t.co/BwmO9O9lIJ
[Release] iRestore - Mac Edition (FutureRestore Wrapper) https://t.co/GNW78AfApy
@BrandonPlank6 @RunkzCFW @Jakeashacks I keep getting the respiring logo on my status bar that keeps spinning. If I… https://t.co/BZaO7LSyRd
RT @RMConservative: The same president who refused to meet with angel families before signing this @#$% also refused to meet with feder… https://t.co/LIs2ePL9Es
Hey @ProfeJuANTONIO, ¿hay alguna forma de borrar todos los tweaks(sin dejar residuos) del jailbreak de ios 12? Es q… https://t.co/sXMzblXp1P
Hướng dẫn Jailbreak và cài Filza trên iOS 12.0 - 12.1.2 https://t.co/0naYa2kXxB
@JonyIveParody @coolstarorg Stop stealing jailbreak tweaks from developers. Seriously apple you guys pathetic steal… https://t.co/vT6hSXf6ss
[Help] Just downgraded to iOS 12.1.1 & can't bypass this screen on setup https://t.co/PhAaYMKm9E
@badimo It's a good update don't get me wrong I like jailbreak but it isn't enough to compete against you mad City… https://t.co/BneF1I9F2A
@PlebMleb Maybe we should pay more attention to the fact that the prisoner in Jailbreak is going to be arrested by his cop twin brother . 🤔🤔
RT @badimo: 💎 We've got even more coming to #Jailbreak this weekend on #Roblox! 😍 💰 Part 1: ALL NEW Jewelry Store with random f… https://t.co/8DPPpz1zcL
🔥Jailbreak #iOS https://t.co/GdvvCWRz5K #rootlessjb12 Encuentra más tweak's en deb para instalar con… https://t.co/MjRp6RrwcF