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RT @FouadRaheb: Quick fix for the tweaks on unc0ver jailbreak: Switch these 2 files on your device /usr/lib/libWatusiTools.dylib /v… https://t.co/1hu87OMtOh
RT @itsahmadfitri: Since ada kawan aku tanya macam mana nak buat ringtone dalam iPhone tanpa guna iTunes atau jailbreak. Alang-alang t… https://t.co/jjOPpZOLs7
@makeitra1n @supersmart07 @TheOminousness @Pwn20wnd Thanks bro this the download actually had the MP version. I tri… https://t.co/dx4BjCzfJe
RT @ChelleDoggo: i can't wait to dress up as *squints eyes* Jailbreak and her parasitic twin https://t.co/2FZ9EjWeA3
[Tip] Unc0ver running on ios 11.1.2 - Async Wake User’s guide for unc0ver RC6 https://t.co/ctARpO3aio
Update : Our World++ for Walking Dead! - 2.1.1r-07 - https://t.co/Mp3j2PI1wJ #cydia #jailbreak
Update : Shared Assets for Tweaks! - 1.1.1 - https://t.co/HUkFgu8vGy #cydia #jailbreak
Update : PokeGo++ 2.0 for Electra! - 2.0r-91a - https://t.co/zGaxsScjus #cydia #jailbreak
Update : PokeGo++ 2.0 for Pokemon Go! - 2.0r-91a - https://t.co/jVRuAApOJs #cydia #jailbreak
Update : Maguss++ for Maguss! - 1.0.9r-04 - https://t.co/0g0LqMVALh #cydia #jailbreak
Update : Jurassic++ for Jurassic World Alive! - 1.4.23r-22 - https://t.co/1Ab6oMnLaK #cydia #jailbreak
Update : Ingress++ for Ingress! - 1.0.0r-01 - https://t.co/6nLInr2xIL #cydia #jailbreak
Update : DraGo++ for Electra! - 1.9.3r-30 - https://t.co/GNkesbyfH8 #cydia #jailbreak
Install Jailbreak 🔥 IOS 8 To IOS 11 install with Safari ••••• https://t.co/EjI5Cg6IdB ••••• https://t.co/HtzfLHeSWx
i can't wait to dress up as *squints eyes* Jailbreak and her parasitic twin https://t.co/2FZ9EjWeA3
RT @F5M_FHM: موسوعة الجلبريك الشاملة ⭕ 💚💚 جميع نسخ جلبريك من 8.4.1 الى 11.3.1 بدون كمبيوتر من هنا : https://t.co/bOIctdybGn https://t.co/2CXHOBLFxv
RT @asimo3089: HUGE milestone for the #Jailbreak discord, we just passed 100,000 members! 😱 This is half the size of Fortnite's di… https://t.co/vKh1RDKiiJ
Playin Some Games new jailbReak update!: https://t.co/TEA9D2IbjR via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/cXIcL0g9wi Merge plain Hack\Glitch | No jailbreak or computer needed
@JamilKhangura @i41nbeer Plus, he's contributed to the recently-released Unc0ver jailbreak. I'm starting to lose hope for 11.4.1 :/
@swlovinist If it were to get Sega CD ISO support on a potential jailbreak, I’d be in for sure. If the only way to… https://t.co/CJmyuSwM6k
RT @cynostial: I‘ll share some good iControl (App which let’s you use your XBOX / PS Controller WITHOUT A JAILBREAK) footage today… https://t.co/NAoVtgGCvc
@Darksly87 points positifs -résultat très fidèle à l'original -jailbreak possible
RT @CodeColorist: Use Xcode Instruments for iOS apps from App Store, without jailbreak: 1. Turn off SIP so you can debug Instruments… https://t.co/hbgrz0PkRm