I am beginning a new journey, on Jaiku, to walk with you along the path of mercy and the tenderness of God.
@Premaleela1 @Jaiku12 jaiku nimdhu hunsur native na, allea vaasaana heagea.,
@SriramMadras Paathu saar.. chittukuruvi legiyam aa irukka poguthu
@Premaleela1 @Jaiku12 thamma maahitigagea dhanyavaadhagalu meadam, naanu, jaiku outhigea houghalu prayatnisouthevea.,
RT @rtanglao: jaiku! qik! the good ole days! i had hundreds of videos on qik! https://t.co/Hd4b4zNLLi
jaiku! qik! the good ole days! i had hundreds of videos on qik! https://t.co/Hd4b4zNLLi
幾個月前回想起,曾經有個宅窟。 幾天前的聚會,想不起這個站,直到剛剛靈光一閃。 https://t.co/72SXjDIi8k https://t.co/iN1Wzcazwf
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@oneanabee Jaiku will always be in my heart. I met my husband there and all of you lovely people <3
#Poem #AI #creative Pallando beckons and nedcolbertia baffles Nemesis sings a melancholy strain "Jaiku, where is my chiffonade salad b0t?"