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Tykkäsin @YouTube-videosta, jonka teki @jags_india https://t.co/Rl154GK700 PowerColor R9 380 Review and Benchmarks
Just bought our first Season Tickets for @NFLUK after going to the Jags game last year 👌🏻 https://t.co/8D0T7sRZbi
Fonte to Everton? Leader, 2 yrs younger than Jags, knows Koeman, let Jags go in summer + bring in younger CB to go with Fonte, AW + Holgate
Worry about your Jags, y'all might fuck around and lose 17 games in a row 😂 https://t.co/joJ2CbTtA6
@gflan02 true but exception I think more than the norm. Williams and Jags look shite together and they both 30+
@JoeRimmer88 i wouldn't sign fonte. We already have Williams and Jags, would rather push Holgate, Galloway, Browning or Pennington through
People complaining Barry, Jags and Williams are too old then wetting themselves over the possibility of Fonte
RT @FreeF4llBristol: Friday 20th Jan @Stagandhounds @DeadRoyalties Yo No Se @WBDelta @pdcrvuk Don Juan Drunken Butterfly The Backhand Ja… https://t.co/ySRwdXa2Vz
RT @FreeF4llBristol: Friday 20th Jan @Stagandhounds @DeadRoyalties Yo No Se @WBDelta @pdcrvuk Don Juan Drunken Butterfly The Backhand Ja… https://t.co/ySRwdXa2Vz
@SamanthaQuek @hollytripp_ maybe our 4 year streak will be ended, no Jags for us this year 😥😰😢
RT @nj_clark: #Bayesian evidence that #parasite prevalence positively correlates with host abundance #JAGS #rstats https://t.co/PXTWmqwl9F
RT @FourVerts: jags keeping everyone but the head coach from a 15-49 era....how can you defend that
Oh the options...too many sexy Jags to choose from 😊...Feb is my birthday month so i'm definitely coming to the tou… https://t.co/YrcrYhbGIt
@GillyAP @LivEchoEFC @LivEchonews No thanks.Need someone younger.Fonte isn't much younger than Jags.
@RachyLDee u just know it's gonna happen. wouldn't mind it if it meant jags to sunderland
RT @TheWriteGroup: The Write Group Daily https://t.co/eyrh8uwbnL is out! #engchat #writing Stories via @GMoheyer @jasonyormark @APKowalski_Jags #amwriting
JAGS 1st.TEAM2 hire new COACH DOUG M. & TOM K. 4 front offiece something like PRESIDENT of FOOTBALL OPER. or someth… https://t.co/LffTaRPf2y
RT @JAGSschool: Excited to announce @Ben_garrod will visit JAGS 25 Jan to talk about his work in great ape conservation. More info… https://t.co/1FSBDoejIq
RT @Ben_garrod: On @BBCRadio4 tomorrow at 11:00 I'm linking human & insect behaviour https://t.co/c2wHBVr938 @WaspWoman @AngliaRuskin @kewgardens @elliesans
@TransferSite I'd only take Fonte plus another, younger CB and say IF Jags went. I wouldn't want us to just get Fonte if I'm honest....
JAGS rusty after the break. Leagues 2nd best Def allowing 17pts and 95 rush yds vs 49ers in week 11. Lucky the Offense was on getting 35pts
@LivEchoEFC wrong side of 30, along with Jags,Williams and Baines would be pointless. Galloway,Pennington and Holgate all better options
@fundoo7 @RRajagopalanJNU Tejas wpnt be able to carry nukes - even Jags cant do it with ease