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Guys I Put Out More Songs Let's Do It - Mark Twain |||
@x1CHIGOx Haaaaaaai Jaden and Atticus are giving me strength xD
Jaden's Peanut butter Stand
Listen to Jaden Smith - Cries [Inspired by Purity Ring] by teenidlediamond #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/tOzsGJzIDO
Can we ever have enough clothes why Jaden Smith
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@lxxxan @blond_belieber low key look like jaden smith I'm sorry
It's late but I'm feelin it https://t.co/MaXiVeUe7N
IVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS, I finally have 5/5 (6/6 if you count the band acc) thank you Jaden!! https://t.co/j2C3SfyIkc
📷 lucesolare: Willow Smith and Jaden Smith by Steven Klein for Interview September 2016 https://t.co/YTO0zi0lS0
RT @ourgenmusic: Rich the Kid talks working with Jaden Smith and meeting Will and Jada. https://t.co/fmTEss0Jcy
RT @girlposts: THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY 😭😭 https://t.co/G1GYrsjUk4
RT @_RealEmily_: i love the "smh @ dylan & jaden" groupchat honestly
That Moment When I'm In Your House And You Don't Know Then You Come Up The Stairs And I'm Chillin With Your Friends.
RT @fakezaynbooty: V excited for Knotts with Sierra and Jaden and Moises!!!
The Final Battle Begins #GundamIBO
RT @eveangelee: I am both Jaden & Willow Smith's energy personified tbh
On My Way Faster Than Normal