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RT @valentrinity: Encontré la gatita más linda en la calle y me la traje para buscarle un hogar, ahora subo más fotos para que me ayu… https://t.co/GNJHevQL1u
RT @NXIE7Y: I got myself a keeper
RT @valentrinity: Esta belleza busca hogar, debe tener 3 meses y no me la puedo quedar! No para de ronronear y es RECONTRA DALE FALDE… https://t.co/kOvFdoZqa3
RT @Realitytea: Jacqueline defended herself? Um, what? Jacqueline STARTED IT. Then went batshit crazy on Teresa and Melissa. #RHONJ
Jacqueline van Rysselberghe: “Los países que no tienen democracia tienen dictadura y eso no es bueno” https://t.co/jvI4GYG4Eh / 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris' claim that Jacqueline didn't go buck wild in Vermont must mean that her poor behavior is the norm. #RHONJ
Does Jacqueline Laurita Have Any Friends Left on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? https://t.co/a2ksh81hLU
Petition | Punish teenage girls that adopted puppy, later hung and shot him for fun! https://t.co/mBekjxHwq9
RT @JackyMalaysiaFC: Beautiful inside out ❤❤ @Asli_Jacqueline wearing @falgunishanepea earrings @jaipurgems rings @Anmol_Jewellers https://t.co/cyudE0QnMi
RT @bravotvobsessed: I hope Jacqueline is off #RHONJ next season
@JackyHasenauer Thank you Jacqueline for sharing my creativity. Always means so much!
RT @RealProgressUS: 2016 10 23 Kia- Our own Jacqueline Luqman is speaking at the Post March Rally!!: https://t.co/qiHcvd34QU via @YouTube
RT @shannberryy: So excited to announce my next project! Cannot wait to work with these amazing people! https://t.co/OmuNYjHIoL
RT @alenaannear: I just want people to ask me to go on late night drives, or to go eat, or watch tv.. I just want to get closer with friends..
RT @meoowgirl: Me amo, me quiero, soy mi propio crush, soy el amor de mi vida, me voy a casar conmigo misma.
Does Jacqueline Laurita Have Any Friends Left on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?: This has not been an eas... https://t.co/FsSQHfMnwt
I never really knew how someone that was 'passive aggressive' would actually behave in real life... Then I saw Jacqueline. WHOA... 😳 #RHONJ
@Haayyllss_ @VSPINKEDITION I know you're just gonna look like a basic rave bitch #stopslutshaming2016 🙂
RT @AmericanIndian8: Native Americans most likely ethnic group to be killed by police https://t.co/0gKdjne5OU #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP https://t.co/uNkRU3QCQn
Jacqueline plays victim a lot - so it's ironic that Melissa doesn't get it, since she was always a victim when it came to Tre. #RHONJ
@Jacqueline_1103 @VSPINKEDITION the sad thing is I would probably really wear them. Hoe is life.
get a fucking grip Jacqueline 🙄 #RHONJ