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RT @TheRealNews: Is #whitesupremacy the most pressing issue that #Progressives have to face going forward? Guest-host Jacqueline L… https://t.co/n9KvOPyEEa
RT @tn_tribune: Great interview of Dr. Jacqueline Mitchell, DDS of #IntegrityDentalCare by @JosephWalker3 of @mtzionnashville: https://t.co/UHJcROSjDl
Ouch! Jacqueline Jossa’s husband Dan Osborne reveals he’s been left in a sling after painful injury… https://t.co/SRTDKHYsPJ
RT @jrisco: INDISPENSABLE leer a la Dra. Jacqueline Peschard. Lo dice con todas sus letras, este gobierno tiene un “desprecio… https://t.co/Ajwci4nCRU
From Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s Instagram story! She’s 9 months along, dancing around and said the baby is still ba… https://t.co/YdUCoRfg0a
Was gonna look up who of the older winners was still alive. Apart from Gigliola, who I expected to be alive, Jacque… https://t.co/0AyEgKn2U8
RT @KYGOP: No matter who the @KyDems nominee for #KyGov is, they will support abortion on demand if elected. @adamhedelen &… https://t.co/DhbpZfSJ6l
RT @LeDLisere: Jacqueline Chavancy est présidente du groupe de supporters des Dauphigones basé à Saint-Chef dans le Nord-Isère. El… https://t.co/ouXU2hZx8V
There is no "I'm pro-life, but I support a woman's right to choose" side to the abortion issue. Either @JColemanKYhttps://t.co/vxYoeKTUoz
Lee Radziwill, also passed away in this past week. She was the younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy, at the age of… https://t.co/rLOvhGdbjE
@PatrickPasin Oui je l'ai vu plusieurs fois super docu. Si vous ne connaissez pas j'aimerais que vous vous rapproch… https://t.co/wrCmPwSbSm
RT @NareaGomez: unas ganas de coger ahre
[Ahora] #Cusco | Titular del @minagriperu , Ing. Gustavo Mostajo y gobernador regional, Jean Paul Benavente, lidera… https://t.co/Kr4JIVBG8b
This week’s #PublicationOfTheWeek is by @Sarah_NottsUni and Dr Jacqueline Rodgers. It is titled Understanding and p… https://t.co/BNcB8FGUVx
@barkjab Hello Jacqueline, this service has not been cancelled, but is heavily delayed due to a broken down train a… https://t.co/W8ctqFDuHV
RT @EstersitaMassi: "Nosotros iremos hacia el sol de la libertad o hacia la muerte; y si morimos, nuestra causa seguirá viviendo. Otros… https://t.co/s3WP7x9eBs
RT @ArlingtonVALib: Due to the inclement weather forecast, the author talk event with Susan Orlean has been postponed until further not… https://t.co/MlsiWrADgk
Ouch! Jacqueline Jossa’s husband Dan Osborne reveals he’s been left in a sling after painful injury… https://t.co/s5uO7zEIBO
Assignment due at 11:30am. I turned it in at 11:26am. #accomplished 😎
Félicitations à Geneviève Melly-Udry et Jacqueline Dubuis qui auront le plaisir de tester notre nouvelle SUITE BALN… https://t.co/IXDaJsmxOt