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Texas Southern beats Jackson St. 67-44 behind Lofton, Jones https://t.co/BDb8Kbljt4
📽🎞 ★ Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief — https://t.co/KlNt4HgU1g
RT @boyftuan: jackson could leave me on read at 12:30 and reply at 6:30 and i would still reply at 6:29 https://t.co/xqS9YDD3G3
RT @jaenumb: jackson when jb wakes up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night https://t.co/9HN0ySOsMm
Man Dances To Michael Jackson Instead Of Rioting In Baltimore ↺RT❤️️ https://t.co/ywjLwbNe3q #FunnyClips #Dancing #FunnyVi
RT @JHNGsports: Final: Jackson 48, Star Valley 38. Will Geraci leads Jackson with 13 points. Ian Renkes has 10. Broncs get win No. 1 and it's a big one.
RT @abstractae: 'they can't speak english at all' you're wrong again, jackson is chinese and still speaks english better than you https://t.co/zfDcWr3YgM
RT @I_AmAmerica: The look Samuel L Jackson gave to see if any of us was looking to see if he moved to Canada yet. https://t.co/riFEeL87gR
RT @greyysdream: 9° April e Jackson - Sim, eles são um casal, mas eram amigos desde o Mercy West. Jackson defendia April de todos ❤ https://t.co/lsPofJKE40
@kim_the_keeper I just got tired of being an albondiga man:/
RT @MoBuckets_: This summer when Derrick Rose comes into Phil Jackson's office looking for a max contract https://t.co/OJpPgl7RoR
RT @erdemtatar: Michael Jackson; müzikten, Hollywood'dan ve gezegende adına kutsal denen her şeyden daha büyük. Büyüktü değil. Büyük.
RT @SportsCenter: BREAKING: Adoree' Jackson announces that he's leaving USC and entering the 2017 NFL Draft. https://t.co/dhv8FCphCM
RT @thefunnysposts: Emma Watson ‘Breasts And Nipples’ Pics Surface Online, Lawyers Not Happy\\\ https://t.co/Atwl3HPpJh
RT @jaenumb: jackson when jb wakes up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night https://t.co/9HN0ySOsMm
RT @JINYOUNG_940922: 750*1334 인스타일 배경화면 존잘존멋 흑흑 #GOT7 #갓세븐 #Jackson #잭슨 https://t.co/2VmEb3jOA9 https://t.co/pDdWBbnELV… https://t.co/J2dfoOgDC4
@sophiawang328 Thanks for kindness & yo son Jackson,mommy~!🙏I'm very proud of Jackson & GOT7👍💐💘💓💖 GOT7💚IGOT7 FOREVER!!✌👊😉😍💞
RT @briannafaithvc: Samuel L. Jackson bc I aspire to curse like him https://t.co/PMKcHNd81S
RT @giriwonho: Jooheon why are you asking me for lunch when you abandoned us to have "bro time" with Jackson for the past week