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Khalid is on everybody’s song. He’s on your mama’s song. He’s on Michael Jackson’s song. I wouldn’t be surprise if… https://t.co/chcc2cZzgL
@AlienQueen47 @princesssskikii Exactly she only saved April for Harriet and her love for Jackson
RT @is_salsu: There’s no Artist on earth greater than Michael Jackson. Growing up the way we get excited watching Michael I doubt… https://t.co/eyi0Ak5am4
5) musical inspiration & examples: - Who’s Loving You, The Jackson 5 https://t.co/DO4ZITVAu4
RT @amkwindsor: 🚨DAY 70🚨 Why is @Oprah Winfrey still pretending Brandi Jackson doesn’t exist? What is it about this smart and credi… https://t.co/PugXCJ6uOM
RT @PredictionIdol: Currently, the richest members in their groups (by their income): -Jennie (Blackpink) -Lay (EXO) -Suga (BTS) -Eunwo… https://t.co/4Nd59Ws09l
RT @TheDilichi: Now that y'all are slandering Michael Jackson because of Beyonce... It'll be nice to show you his superbowl perfor… https://t.co/MoG3L1GSKP
RT @MatterxMind: People shocked because they're seeing how big the Michael Jackson fanbase is. We've been here. We just don't bothe… https://t.co/p7EX4jQE49
RT @Kelvinbright3: RT for Michael Jackson Like for Michael jackson Such disrespect to even place Beyoncé in a sentence where Michael… https://t.co/t24iFm2PBA
RT @royaltyuso: The only proof you will ever need to stop the baseless comparison between Michael Jackson and Beyonce. Watch and t… https://t.co/ct2UbwZi8H
RT @vhopian: Jungkook is definitely dating Namjoon who can speak English, that's why he is improving on his English so fast. Ya'… https://t.co/Tb7wIJrhut
"Truth sounds like hate, to people who hate the truth" - Stephen Jackson
RT @JMagwel: when people faint at michael jackson concerts for doing the same mechanical moves all over again: wow look at his i… https://t.co/z1LmhZ6LO4
RT @JMagwel: Michael Jackson deadass passed on his wealth to 100% white kids, obviously hated being black, and used black women… https://t.co/iACdYFMRAn
RT @MJHIStory2040: “I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to.” -Michael Jackson. #MJinnocent https://t.co/QjkiNVqF4D
vamos nos conhecer nome/ apelido: yasmin, min, minmin, venus, moon, saturn, mercury, yasminnie, e por ai vai os a… https://t.co/EXO3Ubsq5K
RT @davidaxelrod: Too good not to share: My dog, Mac, and his young buddy, Jackson, watching for rabbits. https://t.co/SJzd3S1wPm
RT @JMagwel: LMAO sexist black men/prehistoric black women feel comfortable praising Michael Jackson, a black man who was a pedo… https://t.co/LrfytLvNGz
RT @ScarletVirgin: Michael Jackson is the greatest performer of ALL TIME. Beyoncé is the greatest performer ALIVE.
RT @JulsPeralta: Jackson wang ya no es el rey de China https://t.co/wLfodN8yWT
RT @Scott_Charlton: Mike Breen: SGA is playing in his fourth playoff game against the two time defending champs and showing no fear wha… https://t.co/ko3EOsk7RB
RT @beautifemme: 🎥 | Selena Gomez dancing to “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson https://t.co/vTgT8HnasP
RT @LILDEFSOUL: This was jackson and yugyeom at the eoy tour with phoenix https://t.co/R7h8N51I5J