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@jacko_uk It was a lovely morning indeed, James! How are you enjoying your visit so far?
Just tried to make a pun on 'I like to move it' (as in, the one from Madagascar) for a headline so that's how my day's going hbu
JACKO NECESITA UN HOGAR. Aimal Spa rescató a Jacko de la calle a punto de ser atropellado. Muy delgado y... https://t.co/Nhp9m0BQEC
Valencia has always played well against us, been Utd's only threat
Complete write off already sound
RT @paddypower: GOAL! Cahill makes it two to Chelsea!
Get in Cahill hahahahahah
Fucking get in!!!!!!!! Gazza cahill!!!!
@Takuma_zumi 途中で4/2のゴーレムに2/1鷹突っ込ませるべき場面で、3/2シスターで処理してきて???? ってなりましたが、数やれば上手くなるはずなんで頑張りましょう
@jacko_coj 僕には二万年早かったです
@Takuma_zumi 漢はJ、わかってくれましたか
@OwenJones84 ciudada-no-gracias, then?
RT @Footy_Community: Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck's Dad was a world famous bomb disposal expert. His name was Stan. Stan Welbeck... https://t.co/fd46ocMU89
RT @Roberto_Firmino: 2:1 against #WBA and another celebration dance with the lads. 🙌😄 #YNWA #LFC https://t.co/BwvmmCb8zx
RT @richardosman: HISTORY OF THE LABOUR PARTY 1906: Formed 1924: First Government 1948: Attlee founds NHS 2016: Ed Balls on #Strictly
RT @ngonprka: この二日間でたくさんのwlw勢とお会いしました。交流は控えようと思いました(*^^*)
@Jake_Jacko4 I think they will both find a way to lose... No world champs this year