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RT @NufcPortal: Ronaldinho and Riquelme offer to play for Chapecoense for free. #Football #soccer
Jacko plse leave without dramas...be cool and leave the ego at the door..luv ya all the best..think of our club not ya ego...
(إنك إن تذرهم يضلوا عبادك ولا يلدوا إلا فاجرا كفارا) [نوح:27] https://t.co/mlMuLBRPdV
RT @ProSyndicate: The look of a successful after a bike ride with @GXDODD on the new bikes! 👊 https://t.co/O4CBd0uHV2
RT @OMGitsAliA: Recorded an EPIC Call of Duty mini-game video. A total of almost 2 hours recording, hopefully for this weekend. Can't wait to share it! 😊👍💙
RT @ProSyndicate: Got about 30 mins till the vlogs up! Sorry about the delay team ❤️
RT @OMGitsAliA: Look who came over for a surprise visit! Eevee's super excited to see Ella again! 🐶💙🐶 https://t.co/cMyz52pKUw
RT @ProSyndicate: Me and Steeve got bored so we decided to do a photoshoot 😎 https://t.co/cjZFeTWp3C
RT @JohnScarce: YouTube's Problem Gets Worse, Trump Threatens to Sue YouTuber? Jaystation Quits: https://t.co/my7fLfKVxH via @YouTube
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