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He's a floaty. Make no mistake, we'll see this jackass again. https://t.co/rZwWfYG1C4
@24Gigabit @TheZaccardo I was actually at that Daytona race. To my surprise it was actually great(same with Chicago… https://t.co/TCsmvAXu3d
RT @DavidSaidNada: Respecting women isn’t hard. If it is for you, you’re a pathetic jackass.
RT @BrianPaulStuart: Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC: You “feel sorry for [#ChristineBlaseyFord]” because you “think she’s being used,” you tell u… https://t.co/Z6F8pLXHF8
RT @stockwell_terry: Hey JACKASS, are you talking ABOUT legal or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, bcuz as USUAL, you're conflating the two different… https://t.co/jBmmbcPG6o
Again, @jack proves to be the biggest jackass in America. https://t.co/vpnFv80kqA
The White House under the Trump Administration should be named “Dysfunction Junction.” When the Prez has made such… https://t.co/iacJAr9XgV
@Ferrydogmother Even after, I bet they'll try another jackass. They won't change until we force them to.
@BarkyBoogz His trainer a jackass
Shout out to the jackass on the Northern line of the tube just now who picked a fight with me for wearing my backpa… https://t.co/6cEK0hTOfO
@charliekirk11 @DonaldJTrumpJr Big difference between 2 consenting adults and their spouses... and rape you jackass.
Reading the comments, I thank God I live in a country where hate crime as a concept is not accepted (not for lack o… https://t.co/wbTSPKBGas
@marklevinshow @brianstelter Brian Stelter is a clown, a buffoon, a court jester, & a jackass. He is a disgrace &… https://t.co/tOD8c9dGKG
@OutnumberedOT #JamesTrusty is full of crap!! I'm sick & tired of all the coward republicans who whimper at every… https://t.co/1ZYM5EVbaR
WTH are ppl thinking when they "gaze" at a smartphone in a photo? makes them look intelligent? actually "JACKASS" is the look!
RT @fmusa: @chowdallas @Jali_Cat Notice anything odd about that Constitution pix? IT'S IN ENGLISH. It's not in hindu, hedue,… https://t.co/KjPPuNzfkq
@GeigerNews @chelseahandler i felt the same way about librul evil jackass i see where your coming from.
RT @Kennymack1971: Cassandra Butts. Have an entire stadium full of seats jackass. https://t.co/MT9Lyz83rX
But when you’re a jackass gutter licker who’s newest song and dance is “weh I tried but the mean company wouldn’t l… https://t.co/yL2UugohTa
RT @DavidSaidNada: Respecting women isn’t hard. If it is for you, you’re a pathetic jackass.
RT @ZaidZamanHamid: Only a dumb jackass leadership or nation would ignore these signs... Look at Syria....look at Yemen...look at Iraq.… https://t.co/ZPtMNdxMWV
RT @shewhosoothes: us: don’t ever hit kids for any reason some jackass: ok. but like. what if the kid really makes me mad?