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@DavidNakamura @ddale8 No @realDonaldTrump. That’s because they don’t have full human rights. You really are a jackass.
@andylassner That's where you are wrong jackass.
RT @KnowYourObama: @VP @NAHBhome @WhiteHouse @POTUS You jackass. Home ownership had fallen because of the recession. It's not back bec… https://t.co/fciojVcvHK
i dont take twitter beef serious if i offended anyone im sorry im just a jackass sometimes
There are three separate videos of this jackass being racist. #ItMustBeADuck https://t.co/2iK2F7tG6n
@mflynnJR Hey dum-dum......he isn’t president anymore. You can’t impeach him. But that is an appropriate hashtag fo… https://t.co/AhVj0ti41c
@BrunoTertrais @DavidSantoro1 Totally depends. If its a small, 501c3 NGO, its understandable, esp if upfront. There… https://t.co/mPMq23j6YI
@Sr_Ar_Mais @PopCraveNet you weren’t gonna take it from me jackass 🤣
@realDonaldTrump Yet another very un-presidental pic of our far from brilliant, un-presidental, God help us, Comma… https://t.co/uUx49gfVMR
RT @JessScotty: @crizeydaaa @NotTheCurlyHead She was crazy, but he didn't care, and used her and pushed her to be crazy. He was jus… https://t.co/INt38azgPG
RT @Goz_1911: #Leftwingidiots like you can only find ways to blame inanimate objects for human behavior!! ITS NOT THE FAULT OF EV… https://t.co/oAXHGN8YaP
@DMillardHaskell She's simply a brain-dead airhead nothing more nothing less, she's out in public making a jackass… https://t.co/XPfZbf6hfy
@JohnCornyn @WSJ What a ridiculous story and ignorant for Cornyn to promote it. This father should be prosecuted al… https://t.co/PQ6uJcGxDc
Because he's an unqualified jackass. https://t.co/SHM0RT0miw
@kylegriffin1 Um, the canal. Remember the Panama Canal and it's importance? Jackass!
@OGSavv @hexx_V @FightRow That’s what I’m saying, dude got technique, if he hit harder he’s a dropped that jackass waving his hands lmao
@TruthByBrandi @Mymeaneviltwin 1. I am either a jackass or an ass clown... 2. you are about to be late for your meeting
@SN_2100 @sam_bova The bar is so low in this jackass now that literally u people will use any silly little thing to… https://t.co/aiq2OFR0AA
RT @M_Bakunin2017: @TheRickyDavila @medit8now He certainly needs no help to look like a total jackass.