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@TheDalyPlanet 😂😂😂😂 double down on being a complete retard, keep listening to your propaganda cnn and continue to l… https://t.co/maYwRcJ1PQ
How many ways does this jackass have to show he’s not trustworthy? https://t.co/r3XxRs3SMb
Thanks for taking the song that made me want to kill myself off of your microphone. This is me not calling you a ja… https://t.co/frRmLowKlq
@YAMADA_jackass 私、道頓堀の時に初めて知り合い以外の人に撮られたようなやつなんで上手く被写体出来るか分かりませんが/(^o^)\ありがとうございます🥰
@bballbreakdown Anyone have a meme of Jason Garrett clapping like a jackass?? Perfect example of a soft coach. Cowb… https://t.co/p3b4QZ5usH
Hi Im chloe and this is jackass
& i bet this “alpha male” douchebag left the mess there to be cleaned up by someone else like a jackass https://t.co/eRJDcIzxeW
RT @RalfusJ: @NikkiHaley @realDonaldTrump Oh Nikki, you've made a lying jackass out of yourself, again. Dont you know, everythin… https://t.co/YNtSwATlLL
RT @ShivanSamlal: This year for Trini twitter awards, I hope you get the award for biggest jackass on the timeline https://t.co/0sioRLx98T
@JamesConner_ The Tree of Life shooter exchanged fire w/ the PGH police and was shot, but it wasn't a fatal wound..… https://t.co/UriuEFxA3h
RT @destroyed4com4t: Reminder: "The Patriarchy" to this "anti-SJW" goon means "literally applying the rules to the sport I personally ad… https://t.co/iV0fCp3wPX
@lexi5983 Lol this jackass needs to sit on a toilet seat covered in pins...just saying
@dhruv_rathee God you can't seriously be so dumb bro. Why in the world will any jackass use Nazi symbol with Aap???… https://t.co/F3loGxGHnu
imagine FSG shelling out for mbappe in the summer and then watching klopp powerwalk onto the pitch to kill him for… https://t.co/OwPzfk3OsJ
@pad_jump64 @oshiruko_tabeta @JACKASS_TEAM_ 違いますよー! じゃんぷさんがそんなことする人なんて思ってませんよー! てか、その後に遊んでくださったじゃないですかw
@dhruv_rathee God you can't seriously be so dumb bro. Why in the world will any jackass use Nazi symbol with Aap???… https://t.co/URLKoeSmGb
RT @GotJanie: @EarlOfEnough @realDonaldTrump He’s a complete jackass and an expert propagandist. I predict his declaration of… https://t.co/b43ePYLnjB
@IndianInterest @devduttmyth OMG! Have you never come across the warning-yadi tvam idam dharmyam sangramam na karis… https://t.co/xDzvgb4lxH
@WillieDLIVE gives his thoughts on Shaq joining the Papa Jackass......I meant Papa Jim Crow......Damn it,the Papa J… https://t.co/SaynF7jaYx
@peach_festival 道頓堀の時よりも人を撮るの慣れてので! もっとおきれいに撮りたいですー! めちゃくちゃうれしいー!
@Cramshananteen @krassenstein Nazi, if I lived there I would have. You rancid cultists frighten no one, with your… https://t.co/gPrgPQjvdq
@anemone7192 @oshiruko_tabeta @JACKASS_TEAM_ うーん、自分のことかな? 一回部屋入ってホーム画面いったら落とされてたし もし人数補充されずに試合始まってたならすいませんでしたー
RT @Viktormon: Anyone who thinks loudly supporting and promoting trans people, or any other marginalized group for that matter, is… https://t.co/ntTdelZXgo