Jack Bauer

RT @cedfunches: Think about the most famous person you know...odds are I know them too. 😀 “I Network Like Jack Bauer” by @cedfunches https://t.co/wOfLMw9xha
Jack Bauer has a guv and is often adgry
@sanverde @BaldingsWorld @LetaHong this whole thing reminds me of the 24 Hours series. I keep expecting Jack Bauer to jump out and sort it
@wobblethron It's like they're trying to make him not look like Jack Bauer.
Jack Bauer hai a gun and is often ang y
In what episode of #DesignatedSurvivor will Kieffer reveal he's actually Jack Bauer?
Designated Survivor is an interesting premise that loses 100% of its weight when it's just Jack Bauer
from MW Daily News.. Designated Survivor Is Much More Than President Jack Bauer: One of the greatest things a... https://t.co/3rlSuRA7Sr
I broke my 3 season rule and set my dvr to record this because of Jack Bauer! Err, I mean Kiefer! Lol ❤ https://t.co/prBJBeGPlT
[Music + Video] Otis Maho Ft. Ycee X Brown – Jack Bauer @topnaijaNG https://t.co/F548n5X2zB #TOPNAIJANG
You do have to wonder how Jack Bauer, maverick hero of '24,' can stay hidden for so long when #TomShales #aphorism https://t.co/XkV7pZ34yO
Jack Bauerが無理なら、Chloe O'Brianでも良いんですけど・・・。 中共と戦う深田萌絵さんを応援するBot。 ブログ:https://t.co/RKRR50XXD0 FB:https://t.co/9dGuebX5kb
VIDEO: Otis Maho – Jack Bauer ft. Ycee X Brown https://t.co/XJbu4eG30U
How do you have a segment called #Dammit without a Jack Bauer sound bite? #lnsm
RT @Landen__: Concentrate on your dreams because everything else is just background noise. -Jack Bauer #quote via @vendyp_