Jack Bauer

@20committee @wordpressdotcom ... upon single subject, single set of hidden secrets needed ASAP. Jack Bauer 24 , ticking time bomb images.
@riyasharma266 @kachninja We now have Jack Bauer in office!! The Left can go sit in the corner or go to their safe space. They're triggered.
RT @gabriV1: The risk paid off! 24 is back without Jack Bauer - and it’s incredible https://t.co/NRsZbXTMUT via @daily_trust
@Ladidadi56 how is that show? i can’t see him as anyone but Jack Bauer lol
Que da hora.. O Jack Bauer tá comendo e casou com a mulher do Hank Moody...
@GlennHowerton @waffles1001 by cats you mean special agent jack bauer
RT @CompanieraCyn: ESTA ES UNA MISIÓN PARA JACK BAUER. https://t.co/cMVuoLPnIj
RT @maristwrestling: Other all-conference wrestlers (top 3): Sean Doyle, Jacob Dado, Frank Doyle, Jack Feldner, Scott Bauer, Kendric Nowling, and Elijah Teague.
RT @MarianoMoreno7: Adiós Jack Bauer. Hola Hector Belascoarán Shayne. @Taibo2
RT @maristwrestling: Congrats to wrestlers Collin Bartolotta, Scott Bauer, John Bounardj, Sean Doyle, and Jack Feldner on making the first semester Dean's List!
two things were killing “24”: jack bauer and all of the canon of the previous seasons. this fixes both problems i’m in.
@ddale8 @stephaniedmv hey, torture works, right? Didn't Jack Bauer safe the world for six seasons using torture? Smh
RT @henrikontinen: 24h in the same plane makes you feel like crap. Especially if you consider how much Jack Bauer would manage to accomplish in the same time.
Jack Bauerが無理なら、Chloe O'Brianでも良いんですけど・・・。 中共と戦う深田萌絵さんを応援するBot。 ブログ:https://t.co/RKRR50XXD0 FB:https://t.co/9dGuebX5kb
#ItWasSoAwesomeWhen - Jack Bauer literally saved the day ten times!
At walk-in at the hospital from 24: Live Another Day, all alarms start going off, can't believe my luck. Time to be Jack Bauer. #FaultyAlarm
@ziggykazenzakis trump should hire jack Bauer
RT @Path2Nlitnmnt: @MalcolmNance I just realized that I've watched way too many action movies. I'm waiting for Jack Bauer to come and save us from Trump. Nope.
Virtuos @RanzingtonScout partied with listless Jack Bauer to deceive a sensual chupacabra.
Just get Jack Bauer to interrogate terrorists. #foxandfriends
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video von @jack_ctu_bauer: https://t.co/j4dZqYkoL0 Affinity Photo - Portrait Text (English Subtitles)