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RT @Cinemartistry: Girl, Interrupted (1999) Director: James Mangold Cinematographer: Jack Green https://t.co/u7J70XndU8
Damm I haven’t watched toonami since samurai jack ended good times @Hashtag_HG probably gonna watch tonight lol
Hang out with and other fun new people nearby, when you sign in to Badoo! https://t.co/FHE3zmQeK4 https://t.co/H6fu76zV3a
~barulho de serra eletrica~ olha o jack da serra
@annkillion @zamosta Jack dorcey. And his team of puppets at square Owe me $3527.60 USD I have been fighting with t… https://t.co/vIZWfwcuoI
RT @PatrikKronqvist: Sammantaget är det sorgligt att se hur Moderaterna först smutsade ner luften i svenska städer - och nu går till val… https://t.co/KPQ1YZppEy
RT @MelaiaRenee: Literally everyone. I’m the jack of all trades, playin whatever you need as long as u not playin me.🙏🏽 https://t.co/57qZGmtFtH
RT @gayrotismo: Bareback - Boomer Banks & Jack Hunter Assista completo aqui: https://t.co/heJMRBdMik https://t.co/Ao41k5TFZL
RT @thehistoryguy: Last year I was lucky enough to interview 100 year old Jack Lyon, the last British Great Escaper. He was queuing to… https://t.co/4iele1PHAF
@Jack_Acua Solo Quiero Darte Un Beso Mas!🎶❤
RT @natalieanne015: Jack Pearson has set more unrealistic husband goals than any Disney Prince ever could #ThisIsUs
Quick #YR follow-up... Let's assume Dina had an affair with VICTOR resulting in Jack's birth. That would mean Jac… https://t.co/Y54jzA5atK
RT @SFA_Baseball: A series win on Saturday calls for some #PurpleLights, don't you think 'Jack fans? SFA pounds out 17 hits and rip… https://t.co/hbYDSi081y
Dois dedo de jack daniels
RT @Logic301: all sluts RT! so i can see you and block you! i like my women with class but freaks on the low doe! lol
I just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 17)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/mkDnS1PBub
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands jack is not a good character
@zamosta Jack dorcey. And his team of puppets at square Owe me $3527.60 USD I have been fighting with them 26 month… https://t.co/Hk5GkSx9YW
@RightsLGBTI @LyleShelton That's not ideology. That's observation of the different character traits between males and females.
「잘 잤어?」
Jack Daniels na naging bato pa!🤦‍♂️