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RT @SeanWalkerSport: The best angle of the goal. Think Wales have a free-kick taker to replace Bale when he retires... https://t.co/APSEgdi7zv
RT @conexaopolitica: ÚLTIMAS: Jornalista da Folha de S. Paulo que publicou fake news contra Bolsonaro é filha de ex-secretário do PT https://t.co/5CUcSRyluD
RT @NkirukaNistoran: A reported 28 people and the dog named Jack were killed when the Nigerian army raided the home of #Biafran separati… https://t.co/fjhjv8kKv8
@Jack_Septic_Eye 2 months of prepping and I almost completely forgot it's coming out tomorrow...
RT @thenatewolf: YOU: Anybody seen my science project? ME: 🎵A flippy floppy what does it look like?🎵 YOU: [sighing] It’s a potion… https://t.co/G2iGDuoLkm
"Lying Traitorous Trump"™ is a depraved narcissistic sociopath, who thinks that he knows everything; whereas, that… https://t.co/c0cZMMbLW6
RT @NateDiaz209: I’m Happy to announce that I’m bringing a new weight devision to the Ufc I’ll be fighting the main event November… https://t.co/HE6oBXLCSB
RT @jiminsarchive: titanic but chaotic jack and rose aka jinmin https://t.co/lnqvQJaNEE
RT @yung_butters: me: damn i just dropped my pick in my guitar guitar pick: https://t.co/SlkjAV8ORU
RT @balzer_melissa: Dear @jack & @TwitterSupport, when are you going to give @LauraLoomer her verification back? What are you afraid of… https://t.co/vRSsRWBGeX
Kiramune Trignal Live Tour Jack in The BOX ガチャガチャ 缶バッジ 【譲】木村(立ち)・江口(立ち3・座り1)・代永(座り1) 【求】500円+送料 まとめての方を優先します。 https://t.co/r1VkAZJwJG
RT @izzieadams1: Hey @jack what about all those potty mouths called democrats? Do u smack their hands & tell them to play nice? Can… https://t.co/HTwCmDyg0n
@CarrollQuigley1 @JackPosobiec Don’t waste your time with this court jester he’s throwing shit against the walls to… https://t.co/9qR9gihxl3
RT @HugoSantaromita: Twitter acaba de eliminar la cuenta @prensapresidencial del gobierno venezolano. Medida inteligente contra un narco… https://t.co/qMzBvc2bPE
God bless the child that can hold his own
RT @seabrznsun: Fuck Twitter for banning James Woods. Ass whole Jack too.
RT @BigMeanInternet: If you're over 40 and still want to date 23 year olds I will charitably assume it's because women your own age scar… https://t.co/0H96uAkNUC
RT @epthotty: ron: how are we supposed to open the chamber of secrets!? harry: https://t.co/lsWxcdwRWv
https://t.co/JUQyaWKwMp : 8191ef10-f371-4f98-a7ff-6d7a314a8be0
RT @CBL_Sports: Le tweet de la honte au BOPB avec la réponse de Jack Isaac supprimé dans la nuit et une publication supprimée au pe… https://t.co/5qjLtwtRAP
RT @balzer_melissa: Dear @jack & @TwitterSupport, when are you going to give @LauraLoomer her verification back? What are you afraid of… https://t.co/vRSsRWBGeX