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RT @MissK_31: Tawang tawa ako sa DK babies na kahit pipi na lng daw si Jack basta sya ang 3rd wheel o di kaya lagyan daw subtitle… https://t.co/ewi7pkIV6P
RT @MRVChennai: .@jack must be arrested for his insensitive remarks. If arrested let me know. I will declare the arrival of The Ind… https://t.co/jB3LbusRYG
RT @vibhor_anand: I need 100 volunteers across the country who can become complainants in the criminal cases against @jack, let's mak… https://t.co/Us5cDFa5zm
RT @rvaidya2000: Respected @BDUTT --you r in the picture very much with other journalists/activists and @jack who holds a poster wit… https://t.co/lEQkCyCnJs
RT @dalitdiva: It is a tactic of supremacist movements to remove the rhetorical tools of analysis that help to identify the source… https://t.co/Q1gXw6MC4X
RT @kryes: @KasthuriShankar @marciadorsey @jack Dear Marcia Be assured, your son Jack did the right thing! It's called "Social… https://t.co/TQzjj0uNE0
@ProudBhagavathi @jack Whacking with a worn-out slipper is less cruel! @jack will find it utterly shameful to look… https://t.co/M68NpZjvMC
@TwitterIndia @jack is trying to promote religious caste divide among people of India by TARGETTING brahmins which… https://t.co/DpHxLDeSAR
そうそう風船飛びました~🎈✨ なんでもある日バンザイ🙌 https://t.co/qXA43gBJrs
RT @SavageRaptor7: 😂😂😂😂😂 "Promoting hate is against our policy he says" https://t.co/8fFLSwCAZD
RT @tinadl: Kits kits po sa Festival Mall on Saturday -- November 24 ng 4pm para sa mall tour nina Maine, Bossing & Coco para s… https://t.co/x9PK1WReC2
@bennedose @Hiranyareta @jack He was accompanied by legal head for @TwitterIndia - @vijaya - no excuse for @Twitterhttps://t.co/vgztnZrleS
RT @shekharchahal: @TwitterIndia Is #AntiHindu 🤬🤬 Dear @jack Do You Have Guts To Come Up With a PICTURE of The #Prophet_Mohammad Doin… https://t.co/l9MWHXfbvo
RT @smittal_ips: @annavetticad @jack @vijaya @TwitterIndia @amritat Do you realise that this picture has potential of causing commun… https://t.co/u9n6GLitfL
RT @Babble524: Jack एक पनौती के साथ फोटो खींची तुम्हारा तो बज गया band 😂 गया तू 😋😛😜
RT @goyalsanjeev: LOL .. Innocent @BDUTT didn't see the poster @jack was holding when this picture was clicked. Madam @annavetticad… https://t.co/i0c5JvVqGm
RT @prasannavishy: Twitter boss Jack Dorsey’s photo-op with left journalists from India, with Jack holding a casteist placard must be… https://t.co/9Dx3zYaIGP
RT @freentglty: @kavita_krishnan @jack The only equivalence of American ku klux Klan is various communist outfits and the above gro… https://t.co/j0BPfzbBNn
RT @sankrant: @annavetticad @vijaya @TwitterIndia @jack @PrinceArihan It is a sad state of Indian “liberalism” that bigoted RW Ch… https://t.co/Ks5ReVwiLw