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RT @exol_8_5: 🎀 츄파 두랸 베릴 시아 은행 세린 몽움 요뜨 엑사 모아 작비 샤론 리트 리엘 정연 웨이 엑퐁 하연 도화 쮸민 뱐구 하희🎀
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RT @4ninkawaii: ~へし切長谷部の都市伝説攻略ゲーム~ ターボババァが現れた 長谷部 並走する    ➡️追い抜く
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RT @TrevWall: Jack in the box tacos: Drunk me: if you insist
RT @ERPETLS: [RPW] followan? rt jfb ye -jack https://t.co/mhFvuvSFSD
@ShefVaidya @TwitterIndia @jack @Twitter We need to check the credentials of this jerk most probably he is a closet… https://t.co/ltQWCPeBcI
Diego Maradona in a Union Jack t-shirt with Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon from Queen, 19… https://t.co/Mt1bc787Y9
Grodin talking to himself and Jack. Yes! #midnightrun
RT @VINTERINE: like THEN did a jumping jack. what more do you want from us kevin you already dragged me twice i- https://t.co/o7VieUHyLV
RT @sheikh_anon: The House That Jack Built - (Thriller,2018) Kisah Jack si Architect & at the same time serial killer, movie ni mac… https://t.co/WUjNYlEjml
RT @fujiihikaru: ジャック・ケルアックの『オン・ザ・ロード』に捧げるレースサーキットを建設するという壮大なアート作品を、映画監督のピーター・グリーナウェイが計画中という記事。模型ではなく本物のサーキットを自動操縦の車が走り、ケルアックの時代と現代の… https://t.co/0aZBLtlths
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Amore’ and her teammates take on the Jack Britt Buccaneers tomorrow night at 6:00pm. @Coach_JKern @CarolinaGHoopshttps://t.co/OifqwNGuix