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Lol they aren't Wes dating a white girl https://t.co/VwHLHGuflY
When that direct deposit hit but you still broke 😔
RT @TooDopeWithHope: Boyyyyyy I'm finna be first row middle seat https://t.co/tEE9NmSjTq
RT @SquawkaNews: Jose Mourinho: I’ve been a champion at four clubs. I want to be a champion everywhere I work. I want to do that wit… https://t.co/0AYrjj27Bd
RT @SquawkaNews: Jose Mourinho: "I think Mr. Wenger has respect from others. I don’t think I have. My last league title was 18 month… https://t.co/dCWzAkdvug
RT @ClarkKent2215: $115 until we reach $1000. If you can't donate please retweet so someone who might be able to will see this and don… https://t.co/XK88cXFYjm
Download opera vpn and change your location. https://t.co/soi1pEClwM
Russell Jackson has to be the most demanding boss ever. And he should also hold an award for most frequent texter ever born.
#Repost Dope Music:Psychic - Kurriculum Vitae ft. Oladips (Prod. Mr Jabulani) https://t.co/SKqvJB89t5 https://t.co/SeLHVBPPve
@Jaybdube Results posts are automated by our system Jabulani so can vary - but usually within half an hour after the draws are made
RT @Ohiodongaldo: She'll now go and give her unemployed boyfriend 60k. https://t.co/j13nR2qvc1
You still don't wanna give me music? Thought we stronger than this 😂 hai baba https://t.co/8Q6DShHJNJ
Hello @WasteManagement, here in Kenya, Jabulani Youths for Transformation is gearing up to pur up a waste management program. Hoping for 👍
RT @_MidasRadio: Is arsenals demise in November a curse? or a myth Especially as they face Murinho's united. https://t.co/70dkNeaoPj https://t.co/jPTxWV3dyI
RT @swajala: I will still watch it this night again sef👌🏻 https://t.co/Zfz3kEdwcR
RT @swajala: I watched it again last nite my favorite phrase "guys dey are coming in from zombie land" https://t.co/ebSjayWWFe
@swajala the more guns there are here, the more likely it is there will be a misunderstanding.......the movie is just sick
Guy !!!! All the gods, all the heavens, all the hell are within you. https://t.co/t1f4FmQiJ3
My stress level was all time high last night