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Never forget J rich and fitz with a classic call https://t.co/I1h22bRkXZ
RT @OpTic_Scumper: Practice is done. Time to execute
This place is amazing 🙏🏽🍀
For the record smoofie is my word not J Rich's he's just a smoof
Lol some people will never learn ...
RT @SN_Ohio: Kyrie Irving looks incredibly realistic in NBA 2K17: https://t.co/PaYoOMO9Vd
@ThankUBasedWade I would like bledsoe but not at the expense of breaking up our core. Either J Rich or TJ or both would have to be gone.
@ThankUBasedWade also if we get bledsoe we wouldn't have j rich winslow Bosh and tj still
@_Chey14 lmao ik I'm just messing with him. But don't sleep, Winslow and J Rich got bright futures ahead of them
@djl_137__ they won 48 games with Gerald green and Channing frye imagine if they have bosh and Winslow and tj and j rich
RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: This made me appreciate Hey Ya 10x more... https://t.co/i8RQajLSPI
@j_rich__ thanks Justin I see you out there after school 👀
Nah overrated, Winslow and J Rich are the new kings of Miami https://t.co/E1dVFIuY7N
@denha_anthony happy birthday boyy, have a good one!
Funny how sometimes we overlook the good things that are happening in our lives 3 yrs ago I was just being a drunk😂 https://t.co/0eddGc260Q
RT @kidmello1524: this dude J-RICH NASTY!!😈🏈 3TDS soooo far.....
Lmao my guy j rich owwww RT @DJJAYRICH: I still got these hands though if a nigga feeling froggy
RT @RAIDERS: Better throw or better catch? 👀 https://t.co/uaiY8rQlgy
@MoBuckets_ @JKnicks7 the best thing we got going for us is our rookies. If Winslow and j rich step up I think we can scrape into playoffs
And there goes another $300 on another iPhone 😡