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#scribaland GAME OF TRUTH As the #game progresses, the #atmosphere became #more and more #relaxing, #now, you #knowhttps://t.co/W42dZKyDt9
@NYFootyGuy @charlieINTEL Yeah you just have to have some at the end of the game and place them
@MarkPalmerST Hopefully with @GlasgowWarriors having now qualified they’ll use tomorrow’s game to get their ship back on track.
RT @NFL: The @Chiefs are one game from #SBLIII. Get tickets with @Ticketmaster and don’t miss it: https://t.co/ieldWHLyJc https://t.co/STYuGdMgG1
Everyone loves a good game! My brilliant colleague @JaronskiMadi presents about how to apply #gamification to KM so… https://t.co/CYMvZn1Cf6
RT @Era1721: Game of thrones really knows how to rip ur heart out 10000x!!!!!💞💗💙💛💖🧡💝❤️🖤💘
RT @BIO_OFFICIAL: 【キャンペーン】『バイオハザード RE:2』『デビル メイ クライ 5』などを手がけるカプコンCS第一開発オフィシャルアカウント”Capcom Dev 1”のフォロワー1万人突破を記念したキャンペーンを展開中!全世界20着限定のダ… https://t.co/gPoDSgAGTD
何かと話題のTik〇okってエッチな娘いないじゃん… 💕可愛い女の子は😻たくさんいるのにね👀 ▶https://t.co/bt16dHfWob
Idc how shit my mates are its the best thing! Something called banter...no one has humour on this game.
@OscarRunnerUp Rango Coco Toy Story 3 Zootopia Inside Out Big Hero 6 Brave Frozen To be honest, aside from Rango a… https://t.co/nyVwiNGw0a
@nwalks I didn’t even think it was a horror movie! It was a drama with supernatural elements. Best movie of the year by far.
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/7gD4vNcS7j Game 16 - Vancouver College vs St. Patricks Boys Semi Final
RT @martseMW: Watching a movie with my parents koma mafunso okhawo 😥.... Nde samupha??
"Breaking the Rules" didn't scare Mary! https://t.co/mBw4fqVNU9
RT @comicbookanime: #DragonBallSuperBroly broke a U.S. box office record previously held by #PokemonTheFirstMovie:… https://t.co/RB2A3pf4nR
【熱帯/森見 登美彦】分厚い割に読みやすい本だった。魔術的な部分もあり話を掴みにくいが、大まかな構造をなんとなく把握できたので読み切ることができた。アラビアンな世界に京都要素をぶち込めるのが著者… → https://t.co/ANTb0oLuyE #bookmeter
@nacholeber @nflnetwork Not your fault Ben. Not your fault. I think there were some greater powers at work making s… https://t.co/Yo9TR5xQWV
8 yrs old me would have an orgasm with this game https://t.co/eEUbNwEAVT
RT @WillCoTweets: Can't make it to the Bama game this weekend. Would love to sale my 2 tickets to Tn Fans to ensure TBA is ROCKING. C… https://t.co/EALeis8Mkz
@PushinUpRoses I forget whether there's a Rifftrax of it or not, but it's more fun if you spend the whole movie mak… https://t.co/LWOA4NAMci
RT @LakersReporter: Rajon Rondo (surgery on Dec. 28 to repair a ligament on his right ring finger) has been cleared to return to full c… https://t.co/IIeqeADadb
RT @uhhmarvel: no offence but it's upsetting me that people are more hyped about tom hiddleston then chris in the trailer.... chri… https://t.co/0iZIpoKPdg