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アイデアは、それを一心に求めてさえいれば必ず生まれる。 チャップリン
RT @dailyharley: "give 'em hell, harley" "always do, ivy" harley quinn & poison ivy's new canon kiss in today's issue of injustice:… https://t.co/A7Ad3oUzdL
ivy by frank ocean will forever get me in the feels
Apparently, HQ has an ability in #injustice2 called "Ivy's blessing"...? I'm interested to see what it is and how it looks.
@GraysonHunterG I'm watching your broadcast I love you The Third Wheel
RT @RicardoCantill0: Bryce Dallas Howard -Moonstone -Poison Ivy -Invisible Woman https://t.co/Xeo6OOjKt6
||: draco and ivy are finally gonna make up (':
RT @mskristinawong: Transgender rights are human rights. And all humans have the right to use a public restroom without being targeted for violence or arrest.
RT @IvyKungu: Seriously though.... Get a look at @HK_Cosmetics 6 inch heels 😍😍😍 (Code: IVY for $$ off) https://t.co/nZF6OEsHNk
Huge boobs babe Madison Ivy sucks and railed in the office https://t.co/S5y9qDjuzv
I was driving back from claremore with my mom and these guys in a truck next to me revved their engine lol no thanks I'm a wuss😂
@AshlyISOfficial ask Blue Ivy or Titan for $100 💀😂 jk
RT @yumm_peaches: Beware of the niggas who put his homeboy before you. That shit suspect sis.
攻撃者グループmenuPassとマルウェア(Poison Ivy、PlugX、ChChes)の関連性 | LAC WATCH | 株式会社ラック https://t.co/hNrreGJlCa
@SY183XL พี่หายไปนานม๊ากกก555555555555555555555555555555คิดถึงจังเลยยยยยยยยยย
a Ally tá com uma blusa da Ivy Park, que linda 💙
RT @IvyHoopsOnline: Our Ivy women's update features an upset at the top and the weekend's top 10 players: https://t.co/V95Wbrl7W3