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I can’t believe “legacy” admissions is still a thing. Sorry, if your kid is too dumb to go to the Ivy League school… https://t.co/OTbYnlHli2
RT @30SECONDFlGHTS: When u go into GameStop and they offer you $8.62 for 17 games 2 controllers and a console https://t.co/9MVRHT4blW
RT @mitsuki_yskr: 【告知】戦国ばけねこひめですが、来週のくるたまから放送開始とのことです!早い!!!!21時より、スカパーもしくはivyアプリからお願いします! 本日収録でしたが、多分私本質的に「攻め」ですね(笑) セリフの速さが引っかかった箇所が… https://t.co/7c57Fq6Bsm
@Nato_ivy 申請しましたー(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡
Ivy....reticulated python. Flash has made this pic a little....wierd. https://t.co/fm4ahTTBki
RT @RangaMberi: Best thing I saw out on the streets tonight; "Mugabe" being forced to sign his resignation letter...😄😄 https://t.co/LpjTGk3iOo
The Full Gallery: https://t.co/Hq1nHkXzDm Add me on snapchat: imdani97 https://t.co/qTXeiEEKbE
RT @maryschreiner: #EllenShowMeMore Will @BTS_twt ever release a Christmas album filled with covers of their songs? We're looking forw… https://t.co/PfXzQSlTR5
Snowmen, it's Christmas time. Hang the ivy in the shitting knee. Snowmen! Christmas pudding ringing and gently snowing. Snowmen, snowmen.
インスタライブみたかった。 なんでいっつもタイミング悪く寝てしまうんだろうか...
RT @anviety: i wish i could fast forward to the end to see if all of this is worth it
Marvel Girl Cosplay : If you don't already know, here at Geek Girls we are huge Ivy Doomkitty f... https://t.co/y8pIQAyMJI
Lil ivy with the act 😂😂😂 https://t.co/0KFd95cKsy
RT @WildHarleyCard: ♡- Searching for Mains -♡ Joker Batman Poison Ivy Cat woman Nightwing Deadpool |DM me if interested| |RT to spread the word| “Thank ya'!”
RT @hershey_torres: Careful, may maling hashtag ng Philippines na nag trend. wrong spelling po kasi instead of letter L letter I yung n… https://t.co/HNqdOhkj71
RT @dirt: If you still talk about it, you still care about it
RT @beaufilms: Little Miss Sunshine (2006) https://t.co/viHYAw9dei
Congrats to Yale tackle Karl Marback on being named all_Ivy first team. #MaplePride #MapleNasty
@CassperNyovest True that Mufasa
RT @ABSCBNChannel2: JUST LOVE for our very own Ms. Philippines! What a legs! Woooot! #MissUniverse #Philippines https://t.co/bad8pzlMt3
TOMORROW NIGHT AT THE IVY ROOM IN ALBANY, CA!!!! Hear Bay Area Musicians Pay Tribute to Tom Petty & Help Support N… https://t.co/7SK7k692Ho