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@JustMeHere1977 I've learned or just realised that in 41 years I've never used the term "for all intense and purposes"
@PhilVastaMusic you have to enable them in ASIO4ALL control panel. There's "mic" and "Mic array". Works in Live - i've never used them
Wtf is 🗿 and 🚖 doing in my most used emojis? I've never used either in my life???
RT @DrahcirAipalled: I've never used twitter before what is this
@velexxi I noticed that i've never used a "muted words" 😂I think we should all mute the word Trump as a twitter whole just for starts 🤣
@FightingTories I've NEVER used the word "fascist" to describe a politician. Trump demands it. There are fascists in the White House.
RT @ZaynabSherwani: I've never used a hashtag on twitter. They are pointless and make your tweet look ugly.
@karoforever126 I've never tagged her and abused her. Its like i love ropa duo more than roka. I've never used bad languages for her.
RT @Dawn_Castillo: I've never used @ColourPopCo products before 🙀I'm super excited to test these out. I'll keep you… https://t.co/FVNRFULrZR
how did that british money emoji get there.. i swear i've never used that emoji in my life- https://t.co/Oy0liflqJE
@CreoleBabyBritt I've never used anything but damnit this ridiculous.
@paigebrittany I overlooked the cishet thing completely since I've never used the term honestly. That aside though..
@hernameisjuan i've never used it in my life loooool. it's ok tho. hru?
@emmascruby my phone tried to turn 'enough' into 'olé pig' yesterday. Pretty sure I've never used that phrase 😂😂
I've never used this before.
I've never used the 🤦🏼‍♀️ so much as I have since Inauguration day #FacePalm
@theBuffestNeko …i'm not sure if it'll affect anything but i just dl'ed & completed the tutorial…cries sorry if it did i've never used it b4
RT @urfavoritejoel: I've never used the phrase "how is this happening?" more than I have in 2017, and, by the way, the guy was nominated and elected in 2016
@FalseLauraJane it's awesome. I've never used it before though!
I've never used the #xBox360 for anything other than movies. Thank God for the #xfinity #universalremote. Wonder where the controller is? 😂
I've never used uber...called one with a car seat. I was so confused when I got in the car. 😂
@megaton214 yeah, besides i've never used eng since then(-_- ) hope i will survive the meeting day
.@KateSul54544167 @TomiLahren I've never used Snowflake. I-get-the-gist, but I think some people WITH-REAL-PROBLEMS may be getting badgered.
@jRUFFHOUSE i've never used a colored panel so i wouldn't know :c when u used the liquitex heavy body how was the consistency? buttery?