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I've never used mobile ticketing, don't trust technology
RT @TheSoloWandera: I've never used public health system at home but I'm so afraid in foreign countries cos they make it so difficult for outsiders
RT @AmarWiley1: @AskPlayStation I have my Psn card 20$ it says that it's been used I've never used it never... please help I would like my funds back
@Gohard_10 half of this stuff i've never used or triedπŸ˜‚ so i ain't madπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
I've never used this service myself (it only began in December 2016), but if it works well, it'll be a great way... https://t.co/BiglKl5SKm
I've never used the phrase 'packs a punch' before but the 'thump' of the oven door from this Joyce Carol Oates poem https://t.co/GXKIBaVn27
@cyddsinna you gotta get with it 😭😭😭😭 I've never used the twitter for iPhone
@RediTlhabi I've never used Uber or Metre taxi,I only heard the good thing abt uber bt hey 1st impression count.if thy're going to fight 4me
"I've tweeted over 20 thousand times and I've never used the word dick?! Something's not right." - @JoeHowarth90 searching his own tweets
@ReyLeija @PirateDaisy I've never used an Xbone controller only my 360 I still prefer my PS controller every time.
@HallyGolightly hahaha I've never used one! I just can't go there πŸ˜‚
@BigBroRadio I've never used one before. {{clueless blonde}}
@DrKotobuki @_Sarn_ Since I've never used him..what happens when you use his NP as Hyde, turn back to Jekyll?
@Rutey17 they slow you down after 22gb. I've never used that much but I've gotten a warning πŸ˜‚
@KenPenders @FrontierCorp I've never used them. I'll be sure not to now. Have you ever used Suddenlink? They're the worst ISP I've used.
@RepShimkus why do I have to pay for roads & bridges when I don't drive? Why do I have to pay for police or fire when I've never used them?
RT @kenashe: Shower thought: I've used #bitcoin to buy gold, but I've never used gold to buy anything https://t.co/39plozVtub
Just been casually asked to write a tool in a language that I've never used to access some government API. Cool.
RT @banelesigodi98: @Karabo_Mokgoko Taxi I've never used an Uber b4
RT @Quavv2: @AskPlayStation I tried deactivating a console from the website but it says I already used it. I've never used it before. Please help.
Just face timed my grandma Barb and she said "I've never used my phone like this" it was her computer....
@Karabo_Mokgoko Taxi I've never used an Uber b4
I can honestly say I've never used the word bae... there's so many more legitmate beautiful word choices
RT @RallyForRibbons: So, to be honest. I've never used twitter and could use some help to get my message out. If you're tweet savey, and have some spare time...