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RT @QweenMinne: "I should've never cheated on you" "I shouldn't have given up on you" "You were so good to me" "I slept on you" https://t.co/aw91QtwG4Q
RT @_plvto_: i want my next relationship to be real , not that phony shit i've always had .
RT @TheFansPodcast: I've enjoyed the rivalry, but PLEASE let this be the last Sasha vs Charlotte match for a while. #Raw #WWERAW #WWERoadBlock
@meowwwls @CodePen so cool! I feel like I've been waiting so long for this.
RT @CauseWereGuys: Definitely the curviest girl I've ever seen. https://t.co/YZBsaCK77h
apparently i've accidentally been using my boss's imdb account for WEEKS and now her search history includes zardoz & crazy ex-g episodes
I've said this multiple times b4, and I will say it til it happens,I wish people would respect relationships
I've loved j. cole since 6th grade, by far my favorite rapper/celebrity. Hands down
since kiara thinks she knows the story ( she doesn't and i've told her the story over and over again... ) me and sarati had a thing a couple
Don't know many times I've said "I'll be fine" tonight
RT @CauseWereGuys: Definitely the curviest girl I've ever seen. https://t.co/YZBsaCK77h
RT @TheSupremeTaco: They must've forgot to call me but I'm waiting by the phone... πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‚ But congrats FIVE happy for you brodie! ✊ https://t.co/AYaYvyCFPX
Well, it's all part of the learning curve then right? Live and learn that's all I've got.
Dead WEEK? I've been dead inside all year tf?
I've literally had my heart ripped out and shit on but somehow I still believe in love
RT @stevewonton: might be a magician but i've never loved a trick.
I've been buying my own shit since I was 15/16 if you think I ever need anyone, you a damn lie, all I need is God
RT @unsmokabIe: this is by far the funniest thing i've seen today https://t.co/M31srQ8BgS
RT @CauseWereGuys: Definitely the curviest girl I've ever seen. https://t.co/YZBsaCK77h
@turtlecodol damn, I knew I should've knife lunged to ladder the window!
RT @_ethelbeavers: If you're pissed off about a non-white Santa Claus then I've got some very bad news for you about Jesus.
ugh bubba my partner in crime my drag partner i've missed him https://t.co/BHmxrge0yu
RT @sef128: The best description of Arizona I've ever seen https://t.co/Qcpjm1psL1
RT @JohnnaBear_: Wtf I've wasted so much of my precious time on shitty people
God came clutch with the friends I've made in life.