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Swivel the gun and keep aiming! RT @Octane A total moving target, as I've found.
Huh, I just realised I've tweeted about 80% less this month than I have for the past three months. I never know what to use twitter for :/
Oh how kool i've never saw one before but on tv https://t.co/xXM7ThgaB8
"I've never been abroad, shall I take a few jumpers to Zante??' 😂😭😂😭😂 @collins_megs
RT @DenaBahrin: Sorry if i've not been a great friend to you. I've tried. I'm trying, and will always try my best to be one.
Uh....Noct? Could've sworn you were there when I took the pic @Noctis_Oji https://t.co/rTImQiVXJT
@polxbaldy not even Europe more like England, they've done concerts in like Germany and France before I'm sure 😭
RT @lirarandall: Travel is the best way to learn about news and education in this country. My driver just asked me if I've been to the Moon.
@KevinStewartSNP @MalcH I've done it too: and yes, there's no way to forget it all day
Im so sorry dad. All the times I've fought and resist you. I can't believe it's come to this.
I've just watched S03E16 of Scorpion pcq j'ai pas d'vie gneugneugneu https://t.co/tAmqL4C5rU https://t.co/iPVdUtXvo1
RT @AdrianDeMatin: “@lilehhhardy: honestly the best sounding kompang group I've ever heard. HARRMOOONNNIIIIEESSSSSSS my heart it died http://t.co/DziVU3Cb4s”
RT @weestie97: Left & right politics ? Not in my book Nasty & shite Then there's SNP The S stands for Scottish...I've made my choice
RT @marissamelhorn: Me after I've double spaced my paper, adjusted the margins and put it in 12 point times new roman font https://t.co/0HIHYLXMOY
@ZRSmgmt I have had NOTHING but problems with Viera Briarcliff since the two months I've lived here. Please help management figure this out!
I've never wanted to go to the gym less than I do right now...
@Uberhat @Amish_Drive_By I've been tweeting at her all the time
RT @aurynn: Hi, I’m aurynn, and even though I’ve been coding for 15 years, as a woman in tech anything less than a display of p… https://t.co/ldZ9SxGbpJ
I've never felt more accomplished. I got a project done and a paper done all in one night. They're both due early this week. Go me!
@PlasticRoad_KWS Hello, I've been able to make a bite mark in almost any plastic item I have laying around. What's your miracle plastic?
RT @Nachos0verHoes: I've been having 'one a those days' for about 7 months now and I'm not exaggerating
RT @ultkmj: should've held on is the 1st song that has choreography in which myungjun doesn't go off to the side for his high note,, i'm happy
RT @evanracheI: i've got the perfect place for casey affleck to store his oscar! https://t.co/GHNDxssV8F
@Stana_Katic your a fine actress when u put nathan in his place all the time haha I've watched castle over and over again @NathanFillion
I've just unlocked Helping Hand achievement in Paradise Island 2! https://t.co/IwYnMG5NG2 #ParadiseIsland2 #GameInsight