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@mc_funbags I've started pushing my knees up underneath see if that helps
RT @Msixelaa: I can be calm and malicious I don't have to act how I feel LISTEN ITS AN ART !!!!! I've been trained in Fuck boy academy I know what to do
I've got a PhD. A pretty huge drug problem
I have many walls surrounding me. You've got to leap over several for me to ever be able to open up to you.
Realizing that ITA is the hardest class I've ever taken......and I'm about to fail. 😤😡
RT @Noles247: Ex-FSU DB: Derwin James is best college defender I've ever seen in person https://t.co/qaCHuo5cZN https://t.co/updThXenD0
RT @TheAuracl3: This is the first time I've ever seen this video and... well, don't drink anything while you watch it. 😂😭😂😭 https://t.co/qWHcRheLDZ
RT @MarukiHurakami: I've launched a Patreon for the creation of games (Aftertile atm) and CC0 2D assets! https://t.co/jjRViPBDXk RTs ap… https://t.co/T6KIvHMvxw
RT @MiLUVMiSUMNEEKi: One of the hardest verses I've ever had to learn. https://t.co/sEFf1JBYmt
I asked my fbf who's g2 c @SuperDuperKyle 2moro & no ☝🏽replied. I deserve a meet & greet for all the avid listening I've done 😩😂🎧
@Xoxo_Mariah_ You've replied 3 times and contradicted yourself twice. I think "everyone" can agree the content of y… https://t.co/WNqk4gQFT3
@scottjohnson I've always wondered this too. No harm in asking.
RT @c_tho: quick update guys, i've just come from my kids' school and can confirm that, in 2017, kids are still doing these https://t.co/CF1Ebgc3wS
RT @BenPhillipsUK: I've got 2 limited edition red iPhones!!! If you want one subscribe to my YouTube here https://t.co/ug4XjXWiue Like… https://t.co/jIYDteFMva
I've begun acquiring Ameriseur.
Manager just came up to me and said "one time I had a grapefruit gummy bear and it was the best gummy bear I've ever had" What
Hi @AskNationwide just wondering if your banking app is down. I've tried to transfer money a few times and it's not working?
@dmprsvn I've been saying this irl ffs
RT @AfricaFactsZone: "They tried to change my sound, I had to fight. Now, I've the biggest song (If) in Africa once more." - @iam_Davido. https://t.co/g3md3PTrQ9
You better learn to love yourself living in this world, and I mean love yourself hard. You're all you've got FIRST.
RT @LewisHamilton: You with me?! I'm ready to give t everything I've got + you (best fans in the world) + wewinandlosetogether = title no 4 #believe #teamLH
I've cried so much my eyes are almost swollen shut lol
Dos grandes de KOF XIV en un Ft10  Dakou(大口) vs XiaohaiI(小孩) (Mar 19, 2017) Fuente:Gatoray I've just posted a ne… https://t.co/2VxGGl5Xjl