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RT @_superspicy: I’m forever bitter with what they’ve done to steve and bucky’s friendship. I’m not even talking about the romantic… https://t.co/z9hMOZwBbs
one of the things i’m sad about today is that i haven’t stanned bts sooner. like i really wanted to see how i woul… https://t.co/VWaFOxMtfh
RT @mike_twicee: Obviously yo boyfriend still trying to win over your dad because I would’ve sent that weakass shit on god https://t.co/9YFIymLeA8
RT @Amourzii: Make me proud guys😢😢😢💙 i love y’all & respect y’all for all the accomplishments you’ve made no matter the circumsta… https://t.co/vz6P1IgqcS
RT @mike_twicee: Obviously yo boyfriend still trying to win over your dad because I would’ve sent that weakass shit on god https://t.co/9YFIymLeA8
@abitsirly I’ve got a full ball sack too
I’ve got such good, supportive friends wow I’m so luckyyyyy
RT @PlayoffShaq: This is one of most Disrespectful Moments I’ve in a NBA Game. https://t.co/HQM6ao12hC
RT @amiridescent: The kangaroo was like "I can't believe you've done this" https://t.co/FkNRWiUV0m
RT @tweefessions: “I’ve been HIV positive for 2 years now and I can’t bring myself to tell anybody. Not my parents or friends. The fi… https://t.co/AbhKyGi5wJ
@_skiptomysho I’ve seen niggas say that and that she can’t act I was flabbergasted
RT @SenKamalaHarris: I just sent the CEO of AT&T a letter demanding to know why 368 union technicians in California have been laid off.… https://t.co/V9yFR2hZdn
RT @polotek: Here's something I've been studying on here for a bit. A lot of men, seem to have been conditioned to think that te… https://t.co/0LMbbLxclr
I’ve been wanting to dye my hair light bubble gum pink for the longest but I really do think I’d look like trash lmao . -__-
RT @JoeBiden: I know how to make government work — not because I’ve talked or tweeted about it. But because I’ve done it. https://t.co/gHn7DJP4pO
I’ve shared it before but i was bulimic from grades 4-9 because of folks making comments about my body and my weigh… https://t.co/kRuTcSBtFV
RT @riahkaywinsor: i’ve been waiting on this couple (94 & 95 yrs old) at the diner for the last 5 years.. yesterday Bob lost his wife… https://t.co/GbUSqvgepD
@BrianHarrFF The only thing I've seen about the team is Watson talking good about Coutee. If people are selling Hop… https://t.co/P07hivuQYi
RT @yennierubyyen: i've been wearing hijab secretly since primary school. i've been reading islamic books since high school. but peopl… https://t.co/e2L9hVZui7
RT @Luvvie: I've been in Mexico since Monday. I'm pretty sure I've eaten my body weight in mangoes.
@mistymadonna Ugh. I've seen people make a call while stepping up to a urinal. What is that important?
Yikes, it's been a while since I've been on a school camp. Curious to see what the youth press gallery holds and m… https://t.co/IFdizAd549
RT @RocksyLight: I’ve posted NSFW on my Patreon feed! Click on the link to immediately access! 🌻 https://t.co/uZeycmslVM https://t.co/HBxoLH2uuy
So I just want to say that I talked to my older sister today and she said she was proud of me for how far I've come… https://t.co/77OHJ2Af3Y
RT @RichardBSpencer: One of the most insanely ahistorical and stupid, not to mention demoralizing, tweets I’ve ever read. Long before… https://t.co/99cdar97cT