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RT @Marvilla79: Indignados porque Ernesto Báez quedó libre tras 10 años preso? Sí lamentable. Pero más lamentable que Iván Márquez no va a pagar ni un día!
RT @Suxbernardo: Parece que a Odebrecht vai relatar propinas no gov anterior ao de Lula. Que ninguém sabe quem governou.
Why can I sleep for an hour in 3 mins
@JulianTGonzalez @DarioPelo21 @miltonivan22 Iván y Dari lamento decirles que yo la tengo a la nutri 😘
RT @joaoluisjr: em breve um village people moderno da polícia federal com um índio, um cowboy e um operário pra fazer shows com o japonês e o hipster
RT @itzescott_: When dudes be giving females shots at parties https://t.co/RYcsGmU456
RT @GoogleExpertUK: There are more devices connected to the #web than living human beings. https://t.co/swHzE0xRMX
Хочу напомнить это с сайта пикаперов и это задаеться девушке при знакомстве, чтобы узнать ее получше https://t.co/aCuOxIPNfQ
RT @GrowthHackerSEO: Why User Experience and #Content Quality Are #SEO, Too – Here’s Why: https://t.co/0fSHSLVciO https://t.co/7NFZ9MOFWZ
RT @donizett1: Sobre escolas: menos Áustria, menos Chicago, mais Frankfurt. E ocupem todas.
RT @socialstartnow: Post with The National Association of Day Traders https://t.co/tGqRi3etSG #stocks #wsj #motleyfool #business… https://t.co/xq1aAmtmip
RT @Alii_Wehbi: احيانا بكون اللاوعي تبعك بيفهم اكتر من الوعي.. #هلوسات_مسائية
RT @carryonkeith: Don't forget - the clocks go back this weekend. To 1947.
Every lesson should make you more careful and stronger than before. Get stronger 🙌
RT @bmoore_20: “#Encouragement and #hope are the two most powerful qualities any person can provide to others.” @TheZigZiglar #Success #Leadership