Its Not Just You

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Something's up with the website too it seems -> It's not just you! looks down from here.
@DailyMirror @caitcaseyy see other people do it it's not just you!!
@Kenziereelgril whelp..early #wcw it is. And I see the point from the top being bunched up, it's not just you notic…
@AS_EFC It's not just you, but sound.
RT @FilmPhonic: #ThrowbackThursday: #MartinScorsese directing his 1964 university short film 'It's Not Just You, Murray!', & today,…
@WmonsterWaltz I had a full eight hours and I noticed it too so it's not just you!
@TheJayRoy I am from KY, I have trouble with my "R's" too. It's not just you, lol.
Forget to update your car tax now it’s paperless? It’s not just you…
@kdramacritiq As a loyal hyeong I'm ALWAYS on your side, so I'll comfort you by saying "it's not just you" we're all sick of your icon too
@horrifiedonline yo. Buddy. It took me over 18 months. Promise it's not just you. Keep trucking. I believe in you.
And somehow it's not just you guys in this room. But it's the thousands of other people who are going to hear about this show too.
It's not just you: Siri is getting smarter
@anay_silva it's not just you lol I'm salty
@LeahMighty nope it's not just you
"it's not just you anymore, it's us"
@day9tv it’s not just you, looks like some Approved App out there got hacked.
@totescokes @Just_Ami girl believe me it's NOT just you two. this was me last night after hearing the full song ONCE
I brought that up earlier yesterday. So you see, @kanyewest, it's not just you.
@SadHackedJacs oh yes! It's not just you. M has nearly lost me a few times in a manual. The chair runs away from you so easily.
@LulBby_ashh it's not just you that's trash 😂
When things go wrong, it's hard to see. It's not just you, but also me.
RT @corypalmer: .@DrDavidDuke motherfucker I promise it's not just you