Its Not Just You

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@connachtpa It's not just you! Poor Dan. He was ridiculed forEVER after that incident.
It's not just you I do too! πŸ™‹πŸ’œ
@JohnnyThomas__ it's not just you homie it's happened like 4 times hahaha
It's not just you RT @JamesNonchalant: Is it just me, or is the big unspoken local council red line (cont)
"Man, life is too beautiful It's not just you. It's your family & kids and all. Fight. Fight until the end. Fight as hard as you can." - CS
@readingtheend It's not just you. There've been other examples of ppl making fun of him in ways we wouldn't dream of making fun of others.
@PapaChrisMatts Nope. It's not just you. We all need energy from a support network.
@noctarius2k no, it's not just you ... and my worry in this context is: where do they accept Android Pay ;)
@AbiPursey it's not just you! I ordered all of mine in the last 4 days and none have shown up yet 😩😩😩
@BeeBabs it's not just you sis! That meant everything to me x
@nickofthefilth I did :^) It's not just you, everyone is gonna say it.
"It's not just you though."
@sarinafa it's not just you :)
@ComedyGamer oi Deji you're right it's not just you it's happening to the sidemen..
@Dilansin_ @PurestPie well it's not just you its swag ice and everyone else