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It's Christmas In July At Disney Springs | We Met Santa Claus & Rode In ... via @YouTube
Snow, snow. Turkey singing and silently rejoicing. Wrap the toys upon the fireplace! Snow, it's Christmas time.
im scared of the dark & my christmas lights went out. i bought some fairy lights but ion wanna burn em out before i attempt a photo shoot 😩
RT @xBrieBatx: Got my christmas lights on in my room, my salt lamp on, and my red velvet candle lit. Feeling pretty cozy tonight 😌💞 #cozy #candle #saltlamp
My seasonally dysfunctional Poincettia obviously thinks it’s Christmas🎄 #winter #gardens #GoldCoast #Queensland
I blame @Wes10 for me listening to “it’s Christmas time in Minecraft” at 2:00am in the middle of June
Writing goal for the day: 3,000 words for day 21 of my second 21 day challenge. Write 1,500 words in my Christmas s…
RT @jdkrach: You! Boy! What day is it? It's Christmas, sir! WHAT YEAR? (steals kid's clothes, boots, and motorcycle) DUNDUN DUN DUNDUN DUNDUN DUN DUNDUN
Bitch i better get my christmas album this year @LanaDelRey
Ok @LEGO_Group @NASA I’ve just started making my Christmas Wishlist! #WomenInSTEM
RT @molliebroon: Riiiiiight we’re half way through the year and I’ve still no lost my Christmas weight I need to get a grip
My new HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard is amazing so far. Very responsive with a great finish. And so pretty! I think m…
@Thomas1774Paine Wonderful. My Christmas might even come early this year.
I'm almost ready to submit my Christmas WW2 time travel to Hallmark...reading one more that I keep hearing Jingle Bells?
@themib @RealPaigeWWE @WWE Why does she deserve it? You can’t just hand out opportunities to other people as if it’…
RT @BBryceland: Chris Judge ... Soul Nation and the Curleez are my guests this year .. on my Christmas show🎄
Rachel 11 months out of the year: I'm Jewish Rachel in December: here's my Christmas list
My Christmas tree lights went out... MY HEART HURTS.
My Christmas skin turned albino via @reddit
I know it's kinda early, but here's my Christmas wish list; Republicans keep the House Republicans gain in the Sena…
I foresee myself trying very hard to not write "weed money" on my christmas wishlist
What are you waiting for? It's Christmas, take them church.
Bitch chill that’s my Christmas jam
@josephpboyle I have a sweater that says RIP harambe with his face made out of snowflakes . It’s Christmas themed