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It's crazy how fast someone can kick you out of their life like you meant nothing to them. 😔
@DigitalChick73 no, but it's somewhat of a threat and implies there's something to be scared of: "what is he gonna do"?
RT @LyricWise: Girls change so much after they are hurt it's crazy
RT @BigSportGB: Arsenal in November: 4th in the PL 2nd in UCL group No win in last 3 games It's all so familiar...
RT @brysontiller: Exchange is nominated for a grammy. to all the folks in louisville, remember it's Possible here. big thanks to the Academy!
@shmesm it's rly annoying to have to rely on such subs and be constantly misled,thank you very much for this.
@CUMDELLARKE It's like...MOVE ON but they're like ''no we will happily live in our bubble were what we say goes''
RT @lexi4prez: did you mean rape? that's a weird way to spell it.
RT @JJ_Bola: so it's very, very valid. Tbh, I'm surprised that women still believe in us. Men, we are actually the biggest threat to women's lives.
If it's real don't take advantage of it
RT @AndreaRussett: it's so cool how everyone has there own stories and lifes that are all so different, but we're all still so similar at the end of the day
I know it's gonna flop and probably no one will RT but okay I can always try
RT @puppieswflowers: She wasn't sure at first but now she's loving it
It's more important than ever to differentiate your #brand when #marketing to farmers
It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." - Paulo Coelho"
RT @MarioPalush: it's obvious that they didn't give a damn about the background... look at the cashier 😂💀
RT @TheGreatRedHope: "You should be shot." Really? This is the result of the anti-journalism rhetoric Donald Trump has spread. It's disg…
@Jonowells1 because over the last ooooo *checks watch* 20 YEARS it's gone really well!
@ned1223 @cnnbrk No. I get upset with CNN, previously a trusted news source, recycles old news as "breaking news". It's lazy journalism
RT @DizzyyDob: Bc it's our hair. I never understood why this was even an argument.
@Zaik15 I just hope it's not to linear. I want it to be like the old mansion