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Italian music playing & making home made pasta with nonna. It's little things like this that makes me treasure them more ❤️
#NextGenScania has won an Italian Sustainable Truck of the Year award. #sustainability
RT @GiaMedia3: The #Hollywood Italian Feast of San Gennaro Returns Sept 25th #food #music #games
RT @sciainii: Italian shawols have prepared a banner in which they wrote "Welcome to Italy Choi Minho", Minho saw them and smiled fondly 😭😭
RT @Fraser1776: First Brexit🇬🇧, then Trump🇺🇸, then the Italian vote 🇮🇹 NOW we push France 🇫🇷for @MLP_officiel !!!!!!
한국에 온 중국인은 대놓고 중국말하고, 미국인도 대놓고 미국말하고,,, 중국이나 미국가서 친절하게 중국말 미국말로 고맙다 미안하다 말해 준 한국인은 뭐가 되는지... 남의 나라 가면 최소한 인사나 고맙다 미안하다는 그 나라 말로 하는 의식수준을 갖춰
at lick islam Finding Nemo Roses are Red bust a nut on gay apes haram is anime tiddies italian assfuck he said dicksuck jizz is
RT @federicalancs: Happy to present my work on gender & language at @sessismoelingua in March.Weird as it may sound,it's the first time I present in Italian.
RT @Helisabethhh: Archduchess Anna, Daughter of Emperor Maximilian II Italian, ca. 1563. Vienna, #art #painting Ferdinand Bol
RT @NazemNaqvi: I dont think @TarekFatah's visa is as an Italian maid, but one thing i know @tehseenp, he doesn't pimp his wife as…
Come to taste them at @PinocchioTmpBar or @InfoPinocchio and see how they complement perfectly our Italian dishes.…
The best Italian music 1 world music (11/09/2016) (02/10/2016) Metallica The Day That Never Comes...
The best Italian music 1 world music (11/09/2016) (02/10/2016) Metallica The Day That Never Comes
pineapple on pizza is so good especially with italian sliced sausage mm
Focus! The most comprehensive Italian paper history of graffiti writing and street art up-to-date! And you can...
The oldest nun in the world is Italian At 110, the world's oldest nun