IT Support – Beating the Recession

Growing trend of remote IT support seems to be here to stay, during a time of intense cost cutting the remote IT department has the edge, with complex software applications smart IT support companies are able to support higher numbers of clients then ever before. Slowly but surely CEO's are seeing the light and support desk outsourcing is on the rise even at enterprise level.So have we seen the end of the geek room in the office?IT support needs cost managing just like the sales team and a well qualified outsource program can mean the answer, a huge pool of skills is available to the business at a fraction of the cost of full time employment.IT support managers and directors are concerned about their network data security than any other business issues. Among 934 IT support professionals who responded the web poll, only 20% consider human error as a major worry on most businesses followed by data storage with only 12 percent.There are still some firms who never consider outsourcing their services for fear of making more irreparable damages. There are several reasons why IT outsourcing is shunned by some. For starters, there are outsourcing companies who only provide services worth the price they are being paid for. And they often cut corners to make more revenue which means, good customer service is the least of their worries.There are lots of horror stories about outsourcing that are apparently true. Some companies are just not prepared to take the risk even if it means struggling financially to keep up with today's weak economy. They'd rather rely with their own IT Support than save money but have unhappy customers.If you would like to receive a free weekly newsletter on IT support services, request information or a quotation at

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