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@TonyAgeh BBC News crid:40ektx ... to the Israeli settlement of ... of confrontation. Israel has removed ... from the West Bank. In ...
"It's obvious that world leaders have to step in & disarm both sides!" Israeli planes hit Gaza after rocket attack
@zahal_israeli コレのリコイルはホントに感動したから欲しい......
RT @YukarinHeaven: 鏡張りの車に商品アンケートと言われて連れ込まれるしまくん
RT @PSCupdates: 5 children who got longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli soldier who shot incapacitated Palestinian dead
RT @The_NewArab: Israeli jailed for stabbing Jew he mistook for Arab
RT @theIMEU: Bernie Sanders: We Need to End the 50-year-long Israeli Occupation
RT @ko_taro_PD: いらっしゃぁい!よぉこそぉ↑ジャパリカフェへ~!どうぞどうぞ!ゆっぐりしてってぇ!ねえなんにぃのんむぅ 色々あるよぉ、これね、おいしい紅茶の淹れ方なんだってぇ ケ↓イブドノに教えてもらったンの!
Gaza crisis: a closer look at Israeli strikes on UNRWA schools #gaza #palestine #israel #BDS
RT @palinfoen: This Palestinian girl was shot in the legs by Israeli militias for "holding her bag suspiciously"! Whatever that is!
RT @ShoebridgeC: Israel medic who killed wounded Palestinian prisoner jailed for 18 months Max is 20 years, but still he plans appeal
RT @Harbpeace: Bernie compared Palestinians to Native Americans, an analogy that was once a taboo in US politics via @MiddleEastEye
RT @OldDaveClarkson: @9NewsSyd @carolinemarcus Muslims hate Jews, we saw this when Israeli PM was here fucking wake up poeple!
RT @canarymission: Alex Shams @seyyedreza #Chicago U blames Israeli Jews for the terrorist attacks against them…
RT @AsaWinstanley: Very disappointing: @OwenJones84 to front event led by ex Israeli embassy officer who said we should "die in a hole…
Israeli Jew gets 11 years for stabbing a fellow Jew mistaken for an Arab via @MiddleEastMnt
@lilach_itzhak מדהים, תודה על השיתוף