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RT @youm7: #مصر | صور .. العثور على حمير مذبوحة و مسلوخ جلدها غرب الإسكندرية
RT @Copy__writing: 別れましょう、で別れられるなら、最初から恋人になっていない by ISM
@GreekGodOfHops @RedSox @Patriots If there are any extra tickets let me know! :)
@RCorbettMEP Both, deluded and dishonest there is no OR's with Tories. Richard. lol
RT @taeyeozns: @venenarmys tudo bem que a theard eh pra mostrar o odio que nos exols e o exo recebe das armo fudida porem elas n…
RT @RCorbettMEP: #EUWithdrawalBill Each one of #TheresaMay ’s #Brexit pledges have turned to ashes. Was she deluded or dishonest?
「 ちゃこぱんだってる 」【言葉の意味】 1)王者の風格が漂っているさま。 2)女性の視線をひきつけるようす。 3)巨乳に興奮している状態。 おっぱい
@Getsmart4 what about ism.... the crap I would not let my 5 year old get away with... "But Joey slashed some tires too daddy"
RT @VGDensetsu: Early PlayStation logo designs by Manabu Sakamoto / 坂本学.
@POLARbRIS Minimalism is best ism
i home tomorrow... yup! chilling and recovering.
#スクスト 帰宅。。。 ラストみくじマリさんッ!! 大凶ッ!!🎲ウレシイ!!
@usuryu_hiro @mapo_ff14 イオンの中に売ってた気がします!
Millionaire ex wifes... well this is certainly different take than what we read in the tabloids.
RT @instructables: Win an impressive array of prizes from @sparkfun and @digikey in the Arduino Contest!
His criticisms of socialism are so vague I could easily flip them on capitalism, communism, fascism, or any other ism.
RT @JOEL9ONE: I heard that for her birthday, @MichelleObama wants students to fill out the #FAFSA. So I teamed up w/ the @Eagles,…
RT @RobGronkowski: RETWEET this post to for your chance to WIN. Winner will be picked Thursday at 12pm EST To win tickets to the AFC…
RT @YuorFreindMayro: mayro thinks race ism is baddd. wah oo.
@GOPPollAnalyst @PressSec @POTUS @WhiteHouse OMG THAT <insert new ist or ism term >. He can't seriously be support…
@Quiet_ism_ めっちゃ共感します、ジャン大人になったんやなって (いきなりリプしてすみません)
Geslaagde avond over hoe je voor weinig geld toch leuk eruit kunt zien ism kledingbeurs de spinne #samenwerking
@chrissyheppy not always i'm usually stuck on the train, but i get snip its on twitter sometimes..