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In ideal world not enough time sort all together ..... Or build an island in middle of Pacific and dump me there....
From viral video to edgy emails to leaked taxes, it's the year of the unauthorized data dump via @Newsday
@Troy4NJ7 @8thdistrictleg @BurlcoTimes @nj1015 Tho many dreams 4 Burlington Island, waste dump is unimaginable indeed. Thank U for efforts!
@ashsibss that's like being the queen of state island the worlds largest dump
So, we should dump them in Robben Island?
Can we send anti vaccine mothers to an island and just dump them?
@KimFoote21 I completely agree. If only we could dump them all on an island and let them destroy each other & leave the rest of us alone.
@CNN please dump trump on an island with the kardashians and all those other trash reality people.get rid of them
Pulau Semakau is an island off of Singapore. Once a dump, it's now a nature preserve and home to birds & mangroves.
Staten Island - the dump may be gone, but the trash is still here.
Melisa Mendiny - Island,105 Pics, 4368 X 2912 Px: #twitterafterdark @SexRetweeter
Melisa Mendiny - Island,105 Pics, 4368 X 2912 Px: #twitterafterdark @SexRetweeter
Hence forth we sud not commit such mistakes and dump these dud explosive in some of offshore island . -
I think we should dump Donald Trump on an island with Ann Coulter...let karma sort it all out #shutuptrump
#xfactorfinal.get reg .bol on a plane and dump them on a desert island.😎😊 ✈😘.never to b seen again.😆
@BHugh_215 @BMeek23 @Alexander1Great it's called character, perhaps it comes from that garbage dump on Staten Island
All #climatechange deniers shld jst b dump on da same island !!! (Let's see how long they last!! )
@hstapanghosh UK waiting for an exit route. Like Jews/holocaust/Israel, UK waits for another to dump Muslims in an island @Srianuragh
Fun fact: an island transporter can fit 3 dump trucks #hyperlapse
When goofball island fell in the memory dump
@harishbpuri We must find a place to dump the likes of IK and Shiv Sena. Some Pacific island may be @rizwarned @AfshanMasab @mahobili
@island_scenery @knittingnannasT @LeadbeatersPoss @DanielAndrewsMP Beautiful breathing trees for paper - poss waste dump, not recycled. No.
Photo Dump – Milos, Greece. My favorite Cyclade Island.
They deserve each other! Maybe we should dump them on an island in middle of nowhere&leave them2fend4selves forever!