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It was the @zach_henry11 show last night as Rockwall dominates Heath 47-7 in the I-30 Classic. Usual cast of charac…
RT @JuiceTooWavie: 20+ years on this earth and this the first time ive seen a mf drift a horse
Some strange things happened to me lately a worker gave me a Indiana university t shirt while being homeless where…
RT @reysoctavia1: bellarkes : I hate tasya she’s so problematic omg someone kill her pls also bellarkes : omg just got tickets to go…
After all these years; Tommorow, I QUIT!!!
@isiah_8 Old fashion donuts are trash
@kasakui @NBA2K_MyTEAM How'd you get Isiah Thomas
RT @RiddledwSarcasm: Me: Yeah we should hang sometime! Just hmu! Me when they hmu:
@NBA2K_MyTEAM Anybody else notice the Isiah Thomas?
3 Decembre1985: Un Barkley chevelu va venir s imposer chez les Pistons d Isiah Thomas malgré ses 19 pts et 7 passes…
@IamArocketship9 @GreenBillShawty *Hole...... and yeahh!!! 🤣😂 OBVIOUSLY everyone would prefer KLAY THOMPSON.... but…
@NBA2K_MyTEAM Aye... wish it was isiah but will work
RT @ItsShake4ndbake: If you still havent dropped this, heres the spot. Anywhere on those Ends usually hits that Isiah Thomas Spot when i…
RT @BET: Both Isiah Dequan Hayes and 22-year-old Daireus Jumare Ice were indicted by a grand jury.
@NBA2K_MyTEAM Sooo is this a hint that maybe well get Isiah Thomas code today too?? 🤔 I obviously missed this try
@NBA2K_MyTEAM Why is there also a Isiah Thomas?
@NBA2K_MyTEAM better get this shit missed isiah
"Arise Shine for your light has come." -Isiah 60:1
@NBA2K_MyTEAM Probably dropping Isiah next