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@eagleswingsmin yay...what a talented guy...look out...he has a voice like his Dad..can't mess with that!... congratulations Isaac
I, Isaac, Take You, Rebekah (Part 1 of 2)
Living in a household with Isaac Gray...💀💀💀
RT @Fact: Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin
RT @lil_yeehaw: getting more than a middle school education
RT @chicagotribune: Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac reports progress in fatal nightclub shooting investigation.…
@isaacdovine Eu tambem amor te amo isaac
RT @icapet_188: Inauguramos capacitación dirigida a mujeres emprendedoras del Istmo. @Icapet188 #Istmo @ICAPET_GobOax…
RT @DramaTMGC: Please help, this dog has been in a shelter for over 2 years
Reply to this with your best drafted tweet: 📝
RT @A_single_bear: Everyone can come to the forest. I think it's big enough. I am a bear.
RT @JSCade007: Isaac: So where's the offering, Dad? Abraham: You're the offering, son. Isaac:
RT @S_Galimberti: La verità si ritrova sempre nella semplicità, e non nella complessità e confusione delle cose. (Isaac Newton)
RT @whaliens_: @moagault tori called me james isaac neutron and i just went w it
Is it weird that I literally get into a rhythm when I write papers, and that feeling is fun to me? Yes? ok
Agregué un video a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube isaac Carree "Uncommon me"
I'm not sold on Jayson Taytum or Jonathan Isaac being our answer
RT @PINOYBAE: Milk and Honey. Ben Isaac and Kirst Viray 🥛🍯