Is Jennifer Anniston, Friends’ Rachel Green, Expecting?

Everybody is talking about Jennifer Annistons pregnancy.If 3 people say that Friends fame Jennifer Anniston is not expecting, then other 5 say that she is with child, all thanks to the Internet rumors.Very recently, a magazine showed Jennifer Anniston with her hands on her slenderly popped tummy. Gorgeous, charming and sexy Jennifer Anniston is shown in a jolly mood, with her left hand on her tummy, with Gerard Butler holding her and starting at her.So, what does it all mean? Is the 41 years old Jennifer Anniston carrying a child of Gerard Butler or what?If we trust the words of her near ones then the answer is NO. No, Jennifer Anniston is not pregnant. But what about the bulged out tummy and the cheerfulness on her face, much like a would-be-mama? We cant say anything. Everybody is confused. even me too.Whom to believe and whom to not? I think, Jennifer Anniston should come out to throw light on the issue. It may be a publicity stunt by the magazine but is it right to make use of someones so special moments merely for the sake of publicity. Waiting for some words from Jennifer AnnistonI will let you know the truth behind it all whenever Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler or their representatives confirm something. Heyjust imagine for a momentif Jennifer is expectingwould it be lil Jen or junior Butler?Okay, let me know your guesses!Wanna download Friends episodes? Why dont you begin with us? From this website, you can make Friends download with very good speed and quality. All episodes of all seasons of Friends TV show are available to download tv shows in ready to download format and our safe and speedy services make downloading an amazing experience for you all.And, yeah, dont forget to visit us for latest news on Friends episodes and its star cast.

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