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RT @paydaran: #Iran: #Women are Being Arrested, Tortured, & Executed under Rouhani’s Watch
RT @saul42: Blame stupid #ISIS supporter #Erdgoan for #Turkey Night Club attack
@MaddowBlog @RudiBakhtiar Nor is ours. Forget how we destroyed Iranian centrifuges?
RT @RickFuerst: Dear Millennials,do you love @JustinTrudeau enough to be his indentured servant for life?You'll be paying for this.…
RT @AnnCoulter: Iranian filmmaker Farhadi lectured America on human rights and democracy. Neither which exist in his country.
RT @Ibrahim_M_: RT if you've ever met a Syrian, Iranian, Somali, Turkish, Iraqi, Sudanese or Yemeni person & they weren't detrimental to your safety.
RT @lameimpala__: 28. SEVDALIZA - (requested) she needs to blow the FUCK UP already, a Dutch-Iranian angel who creates visual masterp…
RT @paydaran: Raise Your Voice4 #NazaninRatcliffe Iranian-#British Mother Held Hostage For 353 Days By #Iran #FreeNazanin.#Nowruz
RT @Maryam_Rajavi_P: دیدارمریم رجوی با حضورشخصیتهای بین المللی و زنان اشرفی ازنمایشگاه عکس۱۵۰سال مبارزه زنان #ایران در راه آزادی و برابر…
RT @ScottPresler: France, I know you're watching. Don't let this keep happening to you. VOTE Marine Le Pen on April 23rd, 2017.…
RT @maxkeiser: 1. Saudi Sunnis hate Iranian Shias 2. Saudi billions pay US/UK to attack either Iran, or ally Russia 3. Saudi murders on 9/11 forgotten.
RT @KTHopkins: Joining @TuckerCarlson at 2130 EST. London is an entire city of monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.…
Idk why this made me laugh so hard but some Iranian zand era history IG commented on my post with a simple "nice"
RT @VOANews: Iranian Leaks About Missing American Led Levinson Family to Sue Iran
RT @kurteichenwald: 60.The father of Trump’s business partner in Azerbaijan is govnt official who US intelligence says launders money for the Iranian military.
RT @SoCal4Trump: .@KTHopkins: "I think liberals here actually think multiculturalism means 'we all die together' and that's not a vi…
RT @irane_Azad: #Iran #News #Us #Iranian opposition holds a huge #Nowruz celebration in Tirana
Two Iranian Warships Set Sail For The Atlantic Ocean State TV John Bo... via @YouTube