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https://t.co/rawOOKMY9W - จัดส่งสินค้า Cisco SF350-08-K9 จำนวน 5 ชุด อปกรณ์ Managed Switch 8 พอร์ท 10/100 Mbps แบบ… https://t.co/tQ1YBB6wrJ
@VirginMediaIE laptop not working on WiFi, working from home. My IT team have asked me to change default from ipv6… https://t.co/d2Q86nU8ms
I see 723119 IPv4 prefixes. This is 187 more prefixes than 6 hours ago and 2241 more than a week ago. 56.64% of pre… https://t.co/B3uaaijhZy
Scan all the IPv4 addresses and find vulnerabilities, is very similar to some trading strategies, which scan all th… https://t.co/qvY6oVm5wf
@melli_michiko Nur wenn du Bestandskunde mit IPV4 Aktivierung warst. Ansonsten bleibt nur die Möglichkeit einen Bus… https://t.co/73r1FlX1pb
@UnitymediaHilfe guten Morgen. Ich habe kein Internet mehr. Es wird anscheinend nur IPv6 statt IPv4 benutzt. Dies f… https://t.co/MS9nEgcvqV
@Chican3ry That's what I started with actually - I am pretty well-versed in netsec, and I can both design and imple… https://t.co/GDr2dDXrqC
@k5342 k5さん焼けちゃう!><
@RehFv42kts IPv6対応かちゃんと確認しとけよ〜 キャリア会社と連携してる割引ある系でIPv4のみ対応だとインターネットめちゃくちゃ混み合って繋がりにくくなるからご注意。(特に夜中とか祝日)
Overwrite Your Network IPv4 Configuration from a Batch File by:Joan M Easy way to get a specific IP address, mask,… https://t.co/Dln9MoQ65C
Next one? (the IP is down now) https://t.co/sZVvFDWFIm
CVE-2018-0369 A vulnerability in the reassembly logic for fragmented IPv4 packets of Cisco StarOS running on virtu… https://t.co/AS3PGItUym
@grigs @patmeenan ATM you're not missing out much. Be careful if your site authenticates users by IP as you may get… https://t.co/UMGkImel9V
前掲公式 フレッツがISP接続点で詰まるという説 うち(v6オプション有効)少なくとも超繁忙時間帯だとIPv6のYouTubeのほうがIPv4のニコニコよりFHD動画が安定して再生できるな(ニコニコは4Mbpsでも止まる)
@tsurasugu ただ、あまりにもフレッツ光が遅いので、試しに光ルータに変えてみたら自動でIPv6 IPoE + IPv4 over IPv6接続に切り替わって、夜間の混雑時にもコンスタントに90Mbps出るようになったので、そのまま使ってます( ꒪⌓꒪)
@Ask_Spectrum Grant, AL region having issues obtaining IPv4 resulting in lack of internet capabilities. Please fix… https://t.co/fX7Vt3kAqy
@Ask_Spectrum Phone support already helped. A credit on the bill is nice, but a fix on your backend would be better… https://t.co/HrDFU7xthY
possible live look at my future self, ipv4 world routes and the mlxe next week. https://t.co/NKBeGnJcgD
@abo_ammar_1439H هذه الصورة تشرح الفرق بين ipV4 المستخدم حالياً لكل مواقع الانترنت والاجهزة المتصلة بالإنترنت، الصف… https://t.co/AViGC8Gkog