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@Bipomon los últimos iPods que aguantan mil batallas
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@jr_giggady lol he is in charge of IPODs lol
people still use iPods? 💀💀
RT @ConfideInNo1: "OK to Disconnect" If only feelings worked like iPods.
My iPods on the fritz so I'm listening to comedy podcasts on my phone and laughing to myself on the bus like a crazy person.
@XchurchieX we have like 2 other iPods at home...chill
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@s2Celerity @BigfryTV and most ppl dont wanna bring extra device with them. Thats why ipods died and ppl just started usin they phones
Remember when they used to sell iPods in vending machines at the mall?
Lol people still use iPods 😳
Soñé que era Spiderman alv y rescataba iPods robadossss :'v
@TracyMcBradey @VancityReynolds I also agree. I have it on both of my iPods.
RT @vaIemtz: @notaliciabtw "they made ipods" "what did they do" "....they made ipods"
RT @ConfideInNo1: "OK to Disconnect" If only feelings worked like iPods.
@notaliciabtw "they made ipods" "what did they do" "....they made ipods"
@wittelmann @reaxnzwitschert @turnon ich schätze, dass gar keine iPods mehr kommen 😂
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It's crazy how some iPods cost more than some phones do.
@reaxnzwitschert @turnon ich glaube kaum das noch ipods kommen werden :) aber über ipads würde ich mich freuen
RT @autosngadgets: iPods are an expensive and ever more popular electronic device. As the iPod has spread, so have the attachments and systems designed to...
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@danhowarth20 @lorepodcast Haha. We are allowed ipods at work. It's amazing.